Dani Bates Coaching

Where smart, capable women start…

when they’re hitting a crossroads in life.

I’m a life coach who works with intelligent, accomplished women just like you. Women whose families are grown up and leaving home.

Your routine isn’t so routine anymore, and you’re not sure what you want.

I help you get re-acquainted with your inner badass, and make a plan to get the most out of the years ahead.

Work With Me

Remember being 20 years old?

Life was full of possibilities, fun, and it stretched out in front of you in an endless spool?

You dove head first into life.

Along the way you developed rhythms and routines, you hit your stride.

What a surprise it was to notice how routine your routine had become.

Now the kids are leaving home and you’re left wondering, “what happened to that ‘ballsy kick-ass babe’ that I used to be?

You just need a little help sorting through the possibilities.

That’s what I do every day for my clients.

Helping YOU get clear on what you really want to spend your time on and develop a road map to get you there.

So that you’ll be the one feeling the excitement and exhilaration about the future.

Let’s Do This Thing

An intensive 6 month program for the woman who realizes that time is precious and doesn’t want to waste any more of it. You’ll discover the best parts of you that have gotten lost in the shuffle. The things that make your heart sing and make you want to jump out of bed every morning.  You’ll get step by step direction and support. Listen, you’re smart…smart enough to know that you’ll get to the best parts faster if you have get help and guidance along the way. Let’s Do This Thing is the fast-track to getting the most out of life.

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