When you’re tired of the weight struggle and you want it to be over once and for all.

  • You think you need Motivation to get started.
  • You think Willpower to hang in there
  • You think your need to Suffer to be successful

What you REALLY need is a whole new perspective.

Learn to achieve permanent weight loss without the drama.

You’ve decide the time is right.
You’re excited.
Now What?

Download ‘Your Final Solution; 5 Steps to Your Ideal Weight’ and get started right away!

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Work With Me

Do you find yourself wishing someone would “just tell you what to do” so you could finally lose the weight once and for all?

Working with me is like that…only so much better.

Instead of “telling you what to eat” we get to the real reason why you haven’t been successful in the past.

We figure out what’s stopping you, then devise a custom plan that fits you perfectly. Then we work together until you’ve reached your goal.

You know you’re great at getting started, what you actually need is help hanging in there to finish the job.

Having a coach is the secret sauce to your success.

Someone who’s been where you want to go and knows the way.

Someone who understands the obstacles you face.

Someone who’ll catch you when you fall.

Someone to stick with you until the job is complete.

Let’s chat and see if working with me as you coach is the next right step for you.

Let’s Do This Thing

You’re tired. Tired of wishing you could lose weight and get healthy. Tired of wasting energy trying to figure out the answer. Tired of feeling invisible when you know you have so much to give.

You’re a woman over 50 who has spent a lifetime attending to the needs of everyone around you, (and doing a spectacular job by the way), and now you want to focus on your own needs for a change.

You have plans for your retirement. And guess what they don’t include? Dieting and worrying about your weight.

This is a 6 month long program is about achieving your dream of shedding the extra weight and having it be gone permanently. This is about you feeling in control, vibrant and energetic. Your ideal weight is more than a destination, it’s your new normal. Stop wishing, start living.

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