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Where smart, capable women start…

when they are ready to solve their weight issues permanently

I’m a life coach who works with intelligent, accomplished women just like you. Women who struggle with weight and health issues.

Using your food preferences, your schedule, your real life challenges, we design a customized plan that suits your needs. You get support, so that this time your lifestyle gets factored in, and you end up with a plan that you feel comfortable using for the long run.

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Work With Me

You know how you’ve always wished someone would just tell you what to eat? Well, you’re in the right place. We work together to craft a custom eating protocol for you. We fit your protocol to your schedule and your preferences, so you get a plan that isn’t a diet but something you can follow for the rest of your life.

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Jumpstart to Permanent Weight Loss

A quick start 5 week program designed to get you started on a lifelong journey to improved health and decreased weight. This is a great program for the DIY’er or someone who is great at following the rules once the framework is established.

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Let’s Do This Thing

An intensive 6 month program for the woman who realizes that having support is critical. Getting started isn’t your problem, but hanging in there has been a bitch. This is a completely individual approach, you’ll receive the help you need as you need it.

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