Dani Bates Coaching

I coach smart, capable women who get sh*t done

but are at a crossroads in life and aren’t sure which way to turn.

You’re a smart capable woman, (you’ve been called Superwoman by many), and that’s kind of the problem. You’ve been everything to everyone for so long that somewhere along the way you lost your inner ‘ballsy kick-ass babe’ self.

The family is grown and gone (or going) and you’re ready to start making it all about you, but you aren’t even sure what you want anymore.

Normally you can figure out a game plan, but in this case you’re clueless and overwhelmed. You just don’t know what the next right steps to take are. You desperately wish you had a clear path forward with a solid action plan.

Hey, I’ve been there too, and I’ve come out on the other side.

I’m a life coach for smart capable women who are ready to start living their best lives ever.. They understand that being depressed and wishing for the past is a waste of time, but they have no idea what to pursue instead. I help them create a custom plan for how to get back into the game of life with a spring in their step, and provide individual support, so not only do they laser focus on the things that are most important to them, they get back to living their most exuberant authentic life.

My battle with “what will I be when I grow up” started when I was just a kid

Growing up came a little faster in my life. My mother was stricken with significant health problems when I was 2 or 3, and she died of cancer shortly after my 4th birthday. Talk about fast forwarding life! I started planning what I would be when  I grew up pretty quickly. And since this was back in the 60’s there weren’t many options…I decided on hairdresser…that’s what the neighbor did.

In high school our enlightened counselor told all the girls not to bother with college, we should just marry a nice guy. What a douche.

I had no idea what to do so I started at community college. Before the first year was over I realized I had no direction so I put college on hold.

The years went by, and by my mid-twenties I was ready to take another run at college. By the time I finished my masters degree in Physical Therapy I was a mother an a wife, and had a lot of responsibility. Raising children was a big deal to me, and took a lot of my attention. As did starting a private PT practice with a friend. Life was busy and I knew every day exactly what was expected of me.

Life became a routine that I just repeated every day. And somehow a dozen years seemed to flash by without me realizing it.

I was getting desperate and depressed, thinking I would never be able to live the life of my dreams.

As our children graduated high school and left home for college, I was left with a lot of spare time that I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with. It was also around that time that my partner and I sold the PT practice.

I had suddenly gone from crazy busy with kids in high school and extra-curricular activities, my private practice in the complicated world of health care, and being a wife to empty days. Everyone else was at work so it was a lonely confusing time.

Whew…talk about a crossroads. I was left wondering “what I wanted to do when I grew up” all over again. Only this time I was looking at a finite time line. The silver lining is being at an age where I feel more at home in my skin, and was willing to explore what being my authentic self would be like. You know the one who doesn’t care what other people say, but wants to do exactly what they want to do?

And that’s when I started letting out my own inner badass, my inner ‘ballsy kick-ass self’.

And life starting getting better and better. More joy. More laughter. Deeper friendships. Even better sex.

Now it’s my privilege to help other women navigate the crossroads of life and get everything they want.

A whole new path was on the horizon.

Thank god a dear friend introduced me to life coaching and the most amazing Life Coach teacher ever, Brooke Castillo.

That’s when my life completely changed. I enrolled in her school and went through the certification process and most importantly, worked on my mindset.  I learned that the way my life was feeling, the loss of focus, the being adrift in a sea of confusion about what to so next was a product of my thinking.

I learned for myself how to step back and take an unbiased look at my life and determine what I valued most and how to get my priorities in line. I also learned the secret of how to take meaningful action, not be afraid of looking stupid, and getting everything I want in life.

I had to abandon some old habits, but wow, it was worth it!

I hired a coach who took me through a 6 month process that blew my mind. Of course the process wasn’t all sunshine, and unicorns. There were days that I felt I couldn’t go on…okay I cried some, had a couple tantrums…. But that was the genius of having a coach. She wasn’t there to coddle me, she showed me the way, it was up to me to follow or not.

Some of the most profound changes came from giving up the limiting beliefs that were keeping me swirling in despair.

As a result of all that work, I’ve developed my own unique program to help other women who find themselves at a cross-roads in life find the light, and figure out how to craft the most amazing lives, ever.

It truly is possible to develop new habits and get new results!

I achieved these results doing the mindset work that my coach taught me to do. I didn’t just learn, I applied the lessons. So for me, there are no lingering thoughts that “this is too good to be true”, or that “this can’t last forever”. I am fundamentally a different person today than the person who started with my coach way back when. I love waking up in my own skin these days, instead of wondering what the future will hold, but not expecting much.

After my lifestyle transformation, I had to figure out the most efficient way to help other women find the answers I had found, so I developed my own program.

Now I spend my days knowing exactly what I want to be doing. I get to work with crazy amazing women, plus I have the freedom to travel and spend time with my children and their families. I am living my happy ever after, and I want that for you, too.

Where I am today

Today, I am helping other amazing women figure out exactly how to live their most fulfilling lives and watching their wildest dreams come to fruition.

It’s the best feeling ever to watch them discover what brings them joy. Then to take the actions necessary to live their most authentic lives.

They learn to nourish their bodies and souls with love.

Every single day I am grateful for the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in my client’s lives.
And I’m not going to lie, being a Life Loss Coach allows me to work from anywhere I want, because coaching is done via phone and internet, so I get to travel, visit my daughters, pursue my interests, and take the time to enjoy my friends.

Would you like to have a clear path into the future, too?

I would love to hear from you! To learn more about how I can help you, check out my Work With Me page, or send me an email at dani@danibatescoaching.com