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I coach smart, capable women who get sh*t done

but haven’t conquered their weight loss struggle.

You’re a smart capable woman, you’ve raised a family (maybe), kicked ass in your career, and you can’t figure out why if you’re so smart, you haven’t been able to mange to lose weight permanently.

Listen…you’re not alone.

And there’s nothing wrong with you…it’s not your metabolism, it’s not lack of willpower, it’s not that you hate to exercise (or can’t find the time).

You just need a new perspective and the support of someone who’s been there before.

Normally you’ve got a game plan for everything, but in this case you’re clueless and overwhelmed. You don’t know where to start, you’re not even sure if you have the bandwidth to try again, and you desperately wish someone would just tell you what to do.

Hey, I’ve been there too, and I’ve come out on the other side.

I’m a weight loss and life coach for smart capable women who are ready to finally conquer their weight loss struggle.. They understand that quick fix, restrictive diets don’t work, but they have no idea what else to do. I help them get clear on what they want to achieve, then we get busy and develop a step-by-step custom action plan. In addition I provide individual support so that they not only reach their goals, but they discover that with all the time they save not worrying and fussing about their weight, they’re free to pursue the things in life that bring them the most joy

My battle with my weight started when I was a kid.

Everyone told me how much I was like my mother, and that my mother always had to “battle her weight”, so I would too.

The crazy thing is, (I can see now in hindsight) I was a normal sized kid…okay tall for my age, but pretty normal other than that. But I believed them. I heard it all the time, so I became the girl that always “battled her weight”.

I was on every different diet I could find in the teen magazines, and I was always hungry. I thought I lacked will-power because by dinner time I’d be starving and fall on my dinner like a hungry wolf. I wanted desperately to be like the “other girls” , be skinny and cute, but I couldn’t will myself to stop eating. I was just growing into my full adult height of 6′ tall, but I  didn’t know that then.

I continued to diet all the way through my 30’s and into the first half of my 40’s. Ugh!! The result was… I started with a “normal “sized body but “dieted” myself into a genuinely overweight body.

So dieting and turning 40…when my metabolism slowed to a crawl…were the final straws for me.

I was getting desperate and depressed, thinking I would never be able to lose the weight and keep it off for good.

I reached a new low. I was tired, overweight, and desperate. I was willing to try anything that sounded credible, except by this point I vowed to myself never to follow another “lose weight quick” diet, because I knew first hand how that approach had back-fired so many times in the past for me.

I began to exercise some. Then I got an arm band monitor thing that told me how many calories I was burning and I could track my eating, so I started to lose some weight, but the arm band quit working right, and the company went out of business, so I was back to square one.

A friend introduced me to coaching and I finally found my way. I hired a coach to work with me for 6 months and I got such great results that I went on to train as a weight loss coach myself.

This was too good to be kept a secret, and my coach already had a full practice, I was excited to spread the word.

Where I am today

Today, I am helping other amazing women discover that they can lose the weight, that it doesn’t have to be a struggle, and that it is possible to never have to worry about it coming back again. It’s the best feeling ever to watch them transform from women who spent their time wishing and fantasizing about losing weight into women who naturally maintain their ideal weight.

They learn to nourish their bodies and souls with love.

Every single day I am grateful for the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in my client’s lives.
And I’m not going to lie, being a Weight Loss/Life Loss Coach allows me to work from anywhere I want, because coaching is done via phone and internet, so I get to travel, visit my daughters, pursue my interests, and take the time to enjoy my friends.

Would you like to achieve permanent weight loss, too?

I would love to hear from you! To learn more about how I can help you, check out my Work With Me page, or send me an email at