The Quarantine 15?!#!??

It all started so innocently with a package of lemon cookies. My husband knows I adore all things 🍋 lemon. “Just a little nibble” I told myself… But like a wee snow ball at the top of the hill, the little nibble turned into half a cookie (these are the big bakery sized cookies)… Then the siren call of the Lays potato chips…”cause if this virus is that deadly…I wouldn’t want to go down without a few chips…right? Then I [...]

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Uncertain times…A to-do list

What’s happening?? Social distancing, flattening the curve….toilet paper shortages??? 2020 and the Corona virus, what an enormous smack down on this promising new decade. As everything in our personal bubble; our entertainment, our exercise routines, our eating habits, our schools and our travel plans Is being disrupted. Anxiety is running high. My husband even admitted (and he’s a notoriously chill dude) that he noticed a bit of a sore throat this morning…and instantly thought “Corona virus”. He realized that even [...]

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Decisions, decisions, decisions

DECISIONS, THEY’RE HOW WE CREATE EVERYTHING. This process started when you were just a baby. You decided walking looked pretty awesome, so you set about learning how to do it. You decided you liked it better when the grown-ups knew what you wanted so you learned to communicate. EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE…OR FOR THAT MATTER, FAILED TO DO…BEGAN WITH A DECISION AND INCLUDED A BUNCH MORE DECISIONS ALONG THE WAY. To keep going or throw in the towel. The thing is, [...]

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Do you have questions?

SOME ONE WAS ASKING ME THE OTHER DAY WHAT EXACTLY I DID IN MY COACHING PRACTICE. I told her I specialize in helping women over the age of 45 lose weight for the last time. The way I do that is; I teach them how to lose weight in a way that isn’t in a hurry and pays special attention to the transitions her body is going through (hormones my friend), and also the changes her mind is going through [...]

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What’s on your plate for 2020?

DOES STANDING ON THE THRESHOLD OF A NEW DECADE EXCITE YOU? Make you think of the things left on your bucket list that you want to move to the front burner? It certainly has for me. 2020 sounds so freaking awesome. Clarity of vision. Sincerity of purpose. Damn the torpedos…full steam ahead. GIRLFRIEND, THIS COULD BE THE DECADE OF THE WHOLE NEW YOU. So I want to share with you a line I heard from my teacher, Brooke Castillo this [...]

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Well that didn’t work!

What do you tell yourself when things didn’t go as planned? The reason I ask is, last week I proposed that this year when it comes to your weight loss goals, you opt for easy. Like only plan on losing 1/2 pound per week. Move slow, figure out what works, what doesn’t, and how you can learn to be the “new version” of yourself that weighs 26 pound less by the end of the year. But what if today, you [...]

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What if it were easy?

As the clock winds down on 2019,  we all have time to reflect on the year we just had. The things we meant to do, and the things that got left behind….again. I was chatting with a friend this past weekend, when I realized one of the “truths” that I had clung to (despite understanding at an intellectual level that was crazy), was; to be worthwhile something has to be hard. What I mean, is that if something is easy [...]

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The Magic of Believing

THE MAGIC OF BELIEVING…NOT JUST SAYING YOU BELIEVE…BUT HONESTLY DEEP DOWN IN YOUR BONES BELIEVING…CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH BAREST WHISPER OF EFFORT. “Tis the season for magic so this seems like as good a time as any to check in with yourself about what you want to believe. Let me illustrate my point with a story There’s this game I play with friends on vacation, it’s a crazy game of rummy that’s so much fun. There are 3 decks all shuffled [...]

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How to stop self-sabotage

WATCHING MY FRIENDS AND THE PEOPLE AROUND ME SABOTAGE THEMSELVES AND BEAT THEMSELVES UP NEEDLESSLY ABOUT THEIR WEIGHT AND THEIR BODY IMAGE IS SO PAINFUL FOR ME. I want to shake them and yell in their face STOP IT….It doesn’t have to be this way. But clearly that’s terrible idea. And frankly, their self-sabotage and mean girl self-talk is their journey and none of my business ( I do my own coaching around this…lots. When they want help, they’ll ask…yada, yada, yada). [...]

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How’s your gratitude working?

So how did your week of body gratitude go? Don’t tell me you didn’t do it, or that you’re going to wait until you drop the weight to be grateful. ‘Cuz here’s the thing, you can’t hate on your body until one day when you  magically arrive at your ideal weight to suddenly start loving yourself. It doesn’t work that way. Not ever. Never. You think I just don’t know you, and that you’re a special unicorn and that you’re [...]

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