Bet on Yourself

What’s the best bet you can ever make? Betting on yourself. Investing in yourself, improving your mind and your body, best bet ever. Investing in yourself can feel indulgent. A new purse, a new pair of shoes, a mani/pedi, a trip to Vegas, a lovely bottle of cabernet feels more urgent. They may feel better in the moment, but it’s a temporary pleasure. Starting your children’s (grandchildren’s) college fund, sounds urgent, the future belongs to them, right? But what difference [...]

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Thought Errors

What is a thought error? It’s a habitual thought that you think, that’s not true. For example; Many of you think, “I can’t lose weight”, when in fact you’ve lost weight several times, maybe even significant amounts, it’s just that you haven’t kept it off. Maybe you think, “I’m a complete idiot when it comes to technology”, when in fact you manage to use a computer and a smart phone successfully every day. Thought errors are a common. So what’s [...]

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September’s Here!

Do you love this time of year? Me, too!! The air feels ripe with possibilities. The days are still sunny and warm, but there’s a chill in the air at night and in the morning. School busses are rolling, and it feels like a time of renewal as we get back from our summertime fun and back into the routine of life. It’s that lovely gap between summer and the swirl of holiday season. A chance to breathe. A chance [...]

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5 Stages to a New You

YOU’VE HEARD OF THE 5 STAGES OF GRIEF, THIS IS HOW IT APPLIES TO A NEW YOU. The 5 stages of grief are....denial, anger, sadness, bargaining, acceptance. As we’ve been talking the past couple weeks about making fundamental changes to our experiences in the world, I want to spend some time talking about the grief that can come up when making permanent lifestyle changes. IT’S EASY TO THINK YOU’D LIKE TO WAKE UP IN THAT PERFECT BODY YOU’VE BEEN DREAMING OF, OR [...]

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Who Wants More Money??

Trick question. Everyone, right? Not true. There are people on this planet who don’t ever want more money, they live in the certainty that they will always have everything they need, and the money will continue to flow. One friend of mine (who is quite successful) says she has to be careful what she does now, because literally everything causes more money to flow to her. And not just some money…lots of money. She started life as a scrappy kid [...]

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This Changes Everything

Have you ever had the experience where you “knew” something to be true, only to have your world turned upside down when you found out it wasn't true? For me, there was the story I heard of my childhood. How when my mother died at a young age, leaving my father with 3 small children to raise, my youngest sister was sent to live with an aunt and uncle. The story goes that as soon as my auntie got pregnant [...]

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Shift Happens

Shift Happens…With A Decision Is there something in your life that you wish you could change? Maybe it’s your weight. Maybe it’s your career. Or your love life. Or finding your purpose, or dealing with difficult people? I can help with that. How long have you been struggling? Hoping or wishing it were different? Trying? Only to find yourself back at square one for (what feels like) the millionth time? When staying the same, or staying stuck is no longer [...]

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We Can Do Hard Things

I was listening to the soundtrack in my head this morning, when I realized what sounded like a pretty little thought, an empowering one, was actually a sabotage. The weather turned gray and stormy this morning, rain is predicted by 10 am, and it feels like a bummer after such a beautiful stretch of summer weather. I was out watering my gorgeous hanging baskets, and I know how bedraggled they look after a rain storm, so I was thinking the [...]

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What Happened To My Marriage?

This's a story I hear all too often… The kids have recently moved out, off to college or new adventures, and the realization happens that you have completely lost touch with your spouse. For the past 20+ years you’ve been so busy tending to the children. In the beginning they needed all of your attention, they were just helpless wee babies. But over time, their needs changed. In the beginning you thought it was going to get easier, but somehow [...]

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But What if It Were Possible?

You know that thing that you’ve been putting off, that thing that you think about every now and then, but then you dismiss because there… Isn’t enough time Isn’t enough money I wouldn’t know where to start, anyway? What if it were possible? When we dismiss our ideas with any of these excuses we think we are being rationale. Just reporting the news. Being factual. I love when I hear people use the excuse, “I’m just being a realist.” And [...]

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