Have you noticed the years seem to be flying by at an ever increasing speed??

There are changes happening in your body that you never truly expected to see…changes in pigmentation, crepe skin, lines on your face, thickening of your waist…

You’re starting to think about your own mortality, right? The “I wonder how many years I have left?” thoughts.

Pretty normal.

Bet you didn’t think it would be like this when you were back in your twenties.

You thought your strong body and beautiful skin would stay that way forever.

Aging happens to old people, right?

And you don’t feel old.

How did this happen?

And what are you going to do about it?

Some people shrug their shoulders and say, “well I’m getting older I guess, it’s probably normal to slow down and hurt everywhere, right?”

But you’re not one of those people, you have plenty of stuff you still want to do. Place to go, things to do.

And you want to kick ass and takes names while you’re doing them.

You want to be that fun loving, healthy, vibrant person who never seems to age, right?

Here’s my #1 age defying trick;  clean up your diet.

That’s right. Get rid of the toxins that you are putting into your body.

Both the actual toxins (junk food, sugar, processed foods….) and the
mental toxins.

You know, that critical mean self talk that’s going on in your head all the time.

Yes, you.

You may not even be aware of all the habitual things you say to yourself.

First step, be curious. Become the observer of what you’re saying in your head.

You think 30-50,000 thoughts a day!

And most of them are the same freaking thoughts you’ve thought a million times before!

Any of these sound familiar;

  • What’s the matter with me? I know better
    What was I thinking!!!
    Oh my god, I’m such a loser
    I have no willpower
    Now that I’ve eaten_____, I might as well (pig out)…I’ll get started for sure tomorrow…

For sure you have ones that are unique to you, but you’re thinking those thoughts repeatedly.

Bet you don’t talk to your best friends like that, except maybe when you’ve “blown it” and you want someone else to come along with you.

If you’re hoping to God there is a better way, you’re in luck!

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