When the end of 2018 is approaching, will this be the thought in your head?


Listen, you’ve reached an age where you are contemplating the third phase of your life.


You spent the first third growing up into the person who is YOU.

You spent the second third raising a family, having a career, learning to be a responsible member of society, and doing all the hard work.

Now, the kids have left home, you’ve got time that to spend however you want.

You are contemplating the things that are meaningful to you, your legacy, what you want to achieve.


Plus, you’re starting to think of all the things on your bucket list that you have put off until you had more time.


Well Baby, it’s your time.


First things first…time to dust off the reflection in the mirror.

We can all agree that the weary, thicker version of ourselves that is looking back is not the way we want to approach this exciting new time of our lives. It’s also not how we feel about ourselves in the inside.


Sure, you may not have the bounce in your step that you used to have, but listen, sister, you can totally get it back.


Yes ma’am.


While it is only popular lore that your body remakes itself every 7 years, it is true that you are making new cells all the time (stomach lining new every 5 days!! Bones about every 11 years). The truth is, with attention focused on the fuel sources you are putting in your body, you can totally make a huge impact on the way your body feels and looks.


Don’t we all want to feel light, and flexible, and let’s just say it, Sexy?


Come on, if you could, wouldn’t you choose that?


To be able to have the health and fitness to go out and travel, volunteer, dance, start a new career, fall in love with life, wouldn’t that be the best thing ever???


Wouldn’t you love to get that accomplished in 2018?


Having the time, energy, va-va-va-voom to make some flipping good memories in the next 2-3 decades?


You’re smart. You know there is no one size fits all to getting your body back in shape. No magic pill. But you are not sure where to start.


I know we have all fantasized about having a personal chef and our own personal trainer.


Wouldn’t it be great? Someone else to do the thinking for us, ‘cause God knows, we can follow directions.


Here’s the thing, there is help available.


No I won’t come to your home, or prep your salads for you, but I will walk step by step by your side, while you hone your skills, develop your own eating protocol, become your own best ally.

I will be there to talk you down from your metaphorical ledge, or to dust you off when you take a tumble.


And since there are always going to holidays, festivities, parties and celebrations, there is no time like the present to start.

Hey, if you can make it through the gauntlet of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s you’ll  practically be bomb proof, and there would be nothing standing between you and your goal except the time it takes to get there.


Here’s an incentive; I am offering a 50% discount on services that are paid for before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st.

You heard me.


What a gift to give yourself for Christmas!

The gift of having your own personal coach, the gift of making 2018 the year that you make it happen for yourself.


Time is running out. You don’t want to miss this rare opportunity.


Click HERE to schedule an appointment to chat and strategize.


This might be exactly what you are looking for. We will spend 30 minutes getting you some great help to get started right away. If you decide we are a good fit, we can take it from there, if not, no worries. At least you got some great help and have a couple tools to get you going.


If you are the kind of person who is ready to make a decision and get going, you’re done waiting for your health to magically resolve, or for it to be the “perfect time”….


Let’s make 2018 your year.