The holiday season is coming up fast.


Halloween is past and Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away. Then comes Christmas.


Ooo, I love Christmas, the lights, the music, the parties, the laughter, family, fun, the Food. Oh, my gosh the Food. So much Food.

So much ritual around the Food.


For Thanksgiving it’s the big dinner and all the desserts, but also the hor d’ourves, the football food, the groaning tables and counters full of food. The leftovers.


For Christmas it is the parties, for work, with friends, with family, the cookies, the candy, the dessert,and then the big Christmas dinner.


What’s a person to do? Just throw up their hands, wade on in, have a great time and worry about the weight gained in the dark cold days of January?


Not this year.


This year you are going to have a plan. And that is tip

#1. Plan Ahead.

You have been to the rodeo before, you know what to expect, so at least one day before, imagine everything that will happen and decide ahead of time what you will eat.

Be honest with yourself.

If there is a particular seasonal treat that you love most of all, plan to have some of it.


Start all the way from the time you get up.

What will you drink? eat? Will you have breakfast or not? If so, what? Proceed through your day, planning every step.

This can be a game.

You are meant to pick exactly what you want to eat, the amounts, and everything.

You decide ahead of time, when you are in your rational mind, the one that hasn’t been swept away with gaiety yet.


#2 What Objections Will You Have Once the Party Gets Started?


This is the best part, you know the one where after the party starts you know you will be thinking

  • • Oh for god’s sakes, it’s Thanksgiving (Christmas, Super Bowl, etc.)
  • • You can start in January
  • • Don’t deprive yourself
  • • Just a couple of bites (drinks)
  • • It only happens once a year
  • • Everyone else is doing it

List them all out on a piece of paper (something magical about getting it out of your head and onto paper).

These are the words of your primitive self. The one who hates change, and only wants to have fun.

But beware, this is also the part of you that will beat you to a pulp with regret when you step on the scale in January.

So, this year, you get to go to the party as your rational self. Your big girl self. You have already decided to eat and drink what you want. You can have a fantastic time, and still end up in January at the same weight, or even less.


#3 No Regrets


This is the pay-off for pre-planning your holiday.

You picked out the foods and drinks you most wanted to enjoy. You decided ahead of time serving sizes, etc.

So, when you are enjoying your cheese ball and crackers, stuffing with gravy, 3rd glass of wine, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, whatever, you can enjoy every single morsel, every single drop. Because you planned for it.

Planning ahead excuses you from regret.

You start building your super power following through on what you said you would do.

Most of us have years of breaking our promises to ourselves, so we get used to failing.

This is the beginning of turning that around.


Start now.


Make a plan, stick to it, and see how flipping good you will feel on Friday morning.


It’s crazy good fun.


You will feel like a super star.


And January won’t feel so overwhelming.


If you would like help with the concept of planning ahead, Click Here and set up a FREE 30 minute strategy session with me.

Don’t let the holidays be the source of any regret this year.