There are a set of principles you can follow to achieve your goal of losing weight and keeping it off permanently, and I have listed them out below. They are probably the same ones you have heard before, but read them again. Add these to to 3 Tips to End Overeating   and you will have everything you need.

1. Have a GOAL


Sounds like a no-brainer, of course you have an ideal weight in mind, but I am talking about having a little more juice.

First off, the number that first comes to your mind is likely what I refer to as you “safe bet number”, the one you’ve probably reached before, and it feels ‘realistic’.

This time I want you to dream, like if anything is possible (and it is), what’s the actual weight you would like to be?

(Maybe you will want to consult a height weight table to find what is a normal weight for you.)

  • How will it feel?
  • How is it different from how you feel now?
  • What will you be like at goal weight?
  • How will you do life differently?

Go ahead and dream.

Flesh this vision out in as much juicy detail as you possible can.


2. Make a Commitment


Sounds easy, but I am not talking about the casual promise you make to yourself after finishing a top button undone meal. The one you make after you take your clothes off to climb into bed and you are filled with self-loathing for your ever-widening girth.

I am talking about the type of commitment you make when you are all in, 100% on board.

The no matter what happens I am definitely getting this done, type of commitment.

Then show up every single day to do the work.

Just like buying that gym membership never did a thing for your muscles when you sat at home making excuses why you couldn’t go, you can’t be successful at getting to your weight goal unless you do the work.


3. Plan Ahead


You are going to plan 24 hours in advance for all your food.

Believe me it totally makes everything easier.

Just like going to the store with a shopping list makes it a no-brainer to get all the stuff you need and none of the extra “oopsie it must have fallen into my cart” buys.

Planning one day in advance for your food, then only eating what you planned for is one of the best things you can do to reach your goal.

I’m not talking about a loosey-goosey plan, I’m talking concrete, made when you are not hungry plan.

Example: If you don’t have food on your plan for 10 am, but your stomach starts to growl, you suck it up and make it to noon, just like you planned.

Have a glass of water. Get busy on a project.

A little stomach growling won’t hurt you, I promise.

Plus, that is just your stomach thinking it is another day like every other day in your life, it’s free grazing time.

But future you, the one in the cute jeans, doesn’t snack whenever her stomach growls…oh yea, after a while your stomach won’t growl at 10 am, because it won’t be expecting a snack.

Future you with cute jeans plans ahead.


4. Journal


This is one of the easiest steps, so don’t freak out.

You are not weighing and measuring. No calorie counting allowed.

This is simply writing down what you ate. The time you ate. And using the Hunger Scale, write down how hungry you were when you started eating, and how full you were when you’re finished eating.


Example: Noon chopped salad with blue cheese dressing. -3 to 3 cup of coffee with cream


You don’t need anything fancy to do it. A spiral bound notebook, a note taking app on your phone.

I use the Slack app with clients. You could set that up on your phone.


5. One Step at a Time


The inclination when getting started on a weight loss regime is to fall back into old habits and try to do everything at once. Change your eating style, join the gym, starve yourself.


This is definitely NOT that.


You are building a new set of habits, so we are going to be way more gentle with ourselves.

Not sloppy, as in missing days or ignoring your plan, but gentle.

If you were teaching a small child a new skill, you would be encouraging and teach it in small manageable steps.

You are going to treat yourself as kindly as you would treat a small child.

Don’t beat yourself up if you goof something up, or even if you have a terrible day and all your good intentions get drowned in a bucket of margaritas and a plate of salsa and chips.

Notice what triggered the event, make a plan to do it differently next time you get triggered (like maybe only one margarita and a side salad).

The biggest point is, just because something doesn’t work one day does not mean you are a failure, or this doesn’t work.

It definitely works. I know, I’ve done it myself.

This is a new lifestyle you are creating.

Just get back up and keep moving forward one step at a time.

You may not see the path ahead, but it’s there, I promise, just keep going.


6. Drink Your Water


Get yourself a fancy new water bottle, pretty new glass, whatever you like.

Measure how much it holds (fill it as full as you normally would with water then dump the water into a measuring cup and see what the number of ounces are).

Figure out how many cups/bottle you will need to drink to get your daily quota.


  • Example: You plan to drink 64 oz of water (half a gallon).
  • Your bottle holds 20 oz.
  • You will need to drink 3 bottles + a tiny bit more.


Honestly, I am not militant about this, 3 bottles should suffice.

Or drink 4 and give yourself a gold star.

The point is to drink your water.

Herbal tea without caffeine counts toward water consumption.


7. Sleep


This one little overlooked technique is like adding jet fuel to your weight loss program.

Get 7-8 full hours of sleep, in a quiet dark room.

Turn your phone off, or at least the ringer.

Sleep is when your body is doing the hard work of cellular repair.

Your body needs you to be resting so it can do what it needs to do.

A fully rested restored body will have


  • improved metabolism,
  • improved energy,
  • clearer skin and eyes.


Sleep is worth its weight in gold for brain function, body function, and vitality.

Plus, it improves mood, decreases anxiety, makes you more likely to smile at strangers and pet puppies.


Following these 7 steps will simplify your life by taking away all the uncertainty and guess work.


You’ll be surprised at how much extra time you’ll find in your day.

Even with the extra sleep.


You’ll be more energetic, more focused, you will lose weight, and it won’t be like anything you have ever done before.


Of course, I could go on and on, but these are enough to get you going in the right direction, and not so much that you will feel overwhelmed.


Stay tuned to my blog post, for more great tips as time goes on.


If you are already doing these and you are fired up to take it to the next level,


and get on my calendar, let’s talk about the next step in your journey.


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