What’s that you say? Well the thing is, it is the opposite of a Dead-End question, which most of us use frequently without ever thinking about it.

For instance, have you ever caught yourself thinking, “What’s wrong with me?”, “Why can’t I lose weight?”, “Why is this happening to me?”, “Why do I keep doing this to myself???”

These are classic Dead-End Questions. And I will tell you why. Your brain is a super-efficient computer that loves to solve problems. So, when you ask it a Dead-End question it gets right to work and starts generating lots of answers that will tell you exactly why there is something wrong with you, why you can’t possibly EVER lose weight, why shit keeps happening to you, and why you keep doing shitty stuff to yourself.  Because you are a loser, right???? Wrong!!

Ask Powerful Questions

If your brain is a super-efficient computer, why not use it to your own advantage, ask it a Powerful Question, like

“How can I lose the weight easily?”

“What’s the solution to this problem?”

“What is perfect about this?”

“What am I doing right?”

Because I can promise you, if you get good at catching yourself when you start in with the Dead-End crap, and switch it up for a Powerful Question, you will start getting some insights that will blow your mind.  Your big beautiful brain will start spitting out answers to your positive questions, and as crazy as it sounds, opportunities will start to pop up that you never noticed before. Things start happening, and maybe that will be all you ever need, just the ability to reframe the question to get the answers that you want. Because let’s face it, you don’t really want the answer to why it can’t be done, you want to know HOW to do it.

Ask for What You Want

Ask and you will receive. The secret is to be careful what you ask for. Ask for what you want. This is an abundant universe full of magic and beauty, and you have access to all of it, if you are careful to ask the Right Questions. Know what you Do want, and focus your attention on that. Eliminate the focus on what you don’t want. Sounds too simple, but it’s not. It may not be a habit that can be cultivated overnight, especially since you have a whole lot of time invested in doing it the other way. But think of it like turning the Queen E2 around 180 degrees and heading the opposite direction. First stop the forward momentum of the Dead-End question, then start bringing her around by forming your own Powerful Questions, then repeat, repeat, repeat your Powerful Questions and before you know it you will be steaming full speed toward your own goal.

Bon Voyage

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Dani Bates