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The Best Presents are the Ones You Buy For Yourself

GUESS WHAT’S ONLY 25 DAYS AWAY?.... CHRISTMAS! IF THE THING YOU WISH FOR WITH ALL YOUR HEART IS TO; lose weight stop struggling with food stop caring what the scale says stop believing it’s too late for you start loving your figure again…. Hit YES right now. I help women just like you end their struggle with weight and food. No restrictive eating plans. No wild promises that are too good to be true. Real life. Real solutions. Real results. [...]

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Giving Thanks

Are you one of the people who are wondering how you’re going to “do” the holidays? Nervous that you’re going to “fall off the wagon” of your better eating regime, and regain all the weight that has come off ever so slowly? Here’s the same advice I give to all of my clients…. Have a game plan before the big day. Determine what your absolute favorites are. Sort them out from the old stand-by that are just “okay”, part of [...]

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Don’t Lick A Raw Chicken

I’ve just returned from a 4 day visit to my daughter. A very special visit. We were picking out her wedding dress. She invited 3 other friends and family to come along and we spent 2 days looking at a lot of dresses. She was gorgeous. That’s actually a fact, not just my opinion. She’s been eating healthy and exercising for months, and it shows. It was so funny to hear the other young women her age talking about things [...]

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Do You Use Food To Make Yourself Feel Better?

Serious question. When you’ve had a rough day at work? When traffic sucked and there were a million asshole drivers on the road? When you didn’t get the promotion you deserved? When your baby finally left home? When the scale didn’t budge after 3 whole days of following your diet perfectly? When nothing in your closet looked good on you today? When you’re just bored and there’s nothing fun to do? You get the drift. If you’ve ever found yourself [...]

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Your Thoughts Do Matter

THOUGHTS CAN BE YOUR BIGGEST HELPERS OR YOUR WORST ENEMIES WHEN YOU ARE WORKING TO CHANGE HABITS. LET ME TELL YOU THE STORY OF A WOMAN I KNOW. She works 60 hours a week at a desk job, 5 days a week. It’s a stressful job, she’s had it for 12 years and in the beginning she ate to deal with her stress. Over the years she gained a 100+ pounds. Then she made a decision to start dealing with [...]

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Is Eating Healthy Too Expensive?

ONE OF THE CONCERNS I HEAR IS, PEOPLE THINK EATING HEALTY IS GOING TO BE TOO EXPENSIVE. They think they’ll have to buy nothing but meat, eggs, cheese, and luxury items. THERE ARE A COUPLE FLAWS WITH THIS LOGIC. #1. WHEN EATING A DIET HIGHER IN FATS, VEGETABLES AND PROTEIN, YOUR HUNGER LEVELS GO WAY DOWN. You find that you get full faster and stay full longer. Hence you eat a heck of a lot less. You’re no longer on [...]

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Screw the Diet….Start with Maintenance

SCREW THE DIET…. START WITH MAINTENANCE. HERE’S THE PREMISE; YOU’RE WANTING TO LOSE WEIGHT AND GET DOWN TO SOME PARTICULAR NUMBER ON THE SCALE, RIGHT? Better yet, you’d like that to be a permanent situation, meaning you’d stay at that weight forever and never regain any weight If that’s true, you’ll have to be eating differently than you’re eating right now to maintain that new ideal weight. Right? WHY NOT SKIP THE DEPRIVATION, RESTRICTION AND TEST OF WILL POWER THAT [...]

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This Time I Mean Business

Once you’ve set your sights on improving your health, dropping a few pounds, you’re going to need a game plan. For starters, you’re going to want to know where you want to go, whether that is an ideal weight, a new blood glucose number, or some other goal post. You get to decide, but make it a concrete destination. Next, you’ll want to flesh out the vision of what it will be like to achieve that goal. The more detail [...]

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Fall is Full of New Possibilities

YOU’RE READY TO GET SERIOUS. Maybe it was the number on the scale this morning. Maybe it was your doctor telling you that you’re pre-diabetic and it’s time to get serious about your health, or diabetes in right around the corner. Maybe your knees are “shot” but the doctor says you have to lose 30 pounds before they’ll even consider surgery. I don’t know your reasons…but you do. THIS TIME IT HAS TO BE DIFFERENT. This time has to be [...]

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We’re in Real Trouble

YESTERDAY MY CO-WORKER CAME UP TO ME AND TOLD ME THE SADDEST STORY. His beautiful bright bubbly 6 year old came home from her first week of being in 1st grade, and told him, “dad…I need to lose weight”. WTF!!! Not three weeks earlier I was talking to an old friend and she told me her beautiful tall willowy nieces, age 11 and 12, said essentially the same thing, “Omg…I’ve got to lose weight!” WHAT HAVE WE DONE??! We didn't [...]

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