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Calories in/Calories out….WRONG!!!!

How is it possible that we could have such a basic thing wrong? You don’t get fat because you eat too much and/or are lazy….. You eat too much and feel lazy when you are getting fat. Come again?? The research goes back over 100 years, and it shows almost assuredly, that fat has it’s own metabolism, and the way or the reason you get fat has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH OVEREATING and everything to do with your genetics [...]

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Is it a Miracle… or Just Hard Work?

You know that butterflies in the stomach feeling when you step on the scale and see that number? The one you set out months ago to achieve? The one that seemed like an impossible goal? It kind of took my breath away when it happened. And it felt like a miracle. Like champagne in my chest. And I couldn’t stop smiling….Oh my God…it finally happened!! It all started with a commitment 9 months before it appeared. A determination to figure [...]

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How Would It Feel To Ditch the Guilt?

So you know that feeling when you “fall off the wagon”? The shame, the guilt, the remorse? When you are feeling like that, what are to likely to do? I’m going out on a limb and taking a guess….you’re probably not motivated to climb back up, because you are so busy beating yourself up for being such a loser….again!!! Why?? Why can’t I get it together? I’m so much smarter than this, what is my problem??? What’s the matter with [...]

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Want Some Help Getting Started?

Great…Here’s the first thing you will have to come to terms with, if you are overweight, you are eating more food than your body needs to maintain your ideal weight. Period. Not exactly news to you, or what you wanted to hear, right? But it’s the truth, and the sooner you wrap your head around that the quicker we can get to the part where you learn to a better way to fuel your body, to get the results you [...]

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What Are the Stories You Tell Yourself?

Have you noticed an area or two in your life that isn’t going exactly as you would like? Would you like to know how you can fix this, and start getting more of what you want? Start by listening (become a super sleuth) to the soundtrack you are playing in your head. For instance, you really would love to lose some weight, but the story in your head is; If I go on a diet, I’ll never get to eat [...]

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Indecision is Your Enemy

Indecision is one of our favorite tricks to stay stuck. It helps us avoid the pain of “being wrong”. It keeps us safe and out of unfamiliar territory. Do you realize, as girls most of us were raised to seek perfection? It’s true. We usually got praise when we did things right. The boys got socialized to take risks. Is it any wonder as adults women are most likely not to apply for a job unless they possess 90-100% of [...]

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Procrastination is Self-Sabotage

Procrastination is a super easy way to get out of doing what you said you wanted to do. ​​​​​​​It feels like you are getting something done, while in actuality, you aren't doing jack.   There are plenty of reasons to keep spinning your wheels..... Maybe you think you need some more information before you can start. Or you’re afraid of looking stupid, being embarrassed, or worse yet, failing. Maybe you’ve got a big event coming up, and you don’t want [...]

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This Changes Everything

When you reach your goal what will be different for you?   Like when you lose the #25, or get the new job, or get the car of your dreams, fall in love, how will you be different?   Will you jump out of bed with a spring in your step? Will you be more confident?   Will you treat yourself to a new hairstyle?   Get your nails done?   Treat yourself to a spa day?   What’s stopping [...]

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Timing is Everything

Have you ever had the experience... Where it seems as if everything lines up, and something you thought was impossible before, suddenly seems completely doable?     Or heard some advice that makes the best sense ever, then you realize you’ve been hearing it for years, And suddenly you GET IT.     Perhaps our human ability to take in far more data than we have any idea of is the reason why.     You hear something and it [...]

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Salad Bar in the Fridge

Today I offer you my simple, practical tip for delicious “fast food” in less than 2 minutes.   It's called “Salad Bar in the Fridge”.   It's probably not anything new, but if you have never thought of it for yourself, it's genius.   Start by purchasing several delicious, flavorful veggies at the store. Include a couple types of leafy greens, red and yellow peppers, English cucumbers, interesting radishes (Daikon or Korean are 2 of my favorites), avocados, mushrooms, carrots, grape [...]

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