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What Learning a New Language and Permanent Weight Loss Have in Common

Say you want to learn a new language.   It is completely dissimilar from the one you speak now.   There are words that mean things you have never heard of before, and words you are used to using frequently that just don’t exist in this new language. It is just so, so different.   Now imagine you are intent on learning this whole new language within 6 months.   You travel to a place where this language is spoken [...]

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The Secret is to Stop Stopping

Do you find yourself being really good at starting new things? Making the decision. Getting all revved up. Only to fizzle to a stop at the first sign of resistance?   Welcome to the club. It happens to a lot of people.   You see, we are creatures of habit. We like to think of ourselves as flexible and dynamic. But the truth is, most of what we do is the same old, same old thing over and over again. [...]

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Confusion and “I Don’t Know”

I don't know, is a lovely whirlpool we all like to take a dip in from time to time.   It is such an easy escape.   Starts like this; you have something that you feel obligated to do, Start a weight loss regime. Buy a birthday present for a friend. Plan a trip to a far-away place. Find a new job.   You start to think about it, then you come up against the wall of “I don’t know” what to do, how [...]

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7 Steps to a New You

There are a set of principles you can follow to achieve your goal of losing weight and keeping it off permanently, and I have listed them out below. They are probably the same ones you have heard before, but read them again. Add these to to 3 Tips to End Overeating   and you will have everything you need. 1. Have a GOAL   Sounds like a no-brainer, of course you have an ideal weight in mind, but I am talking [...]

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A Tale of 2 Women and 50#

Today I have a true story to tell. Not so long ago, there were 2 women.   Both women were in their 50’s. Both women had a chunk of weight to lose.   They had been friends for 25 years. They had dieted together, raised kids together, had careers, and commiserated.   They both fervently wanted to lose weight.   Especially the weight that had packed on around their bellies.   They would sit around over drinks and snacks on [...]

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Your Health is a Participation Sport

Now more than ever, with insurance costs spiraling up, co-pays increasing, and deductibles growing so large that most of us will pay for all our own health care needs in a year (sure your insurance will negotiate a lower than cash rate, but the first $6000 is on you babe). That’s if you are lucky enough to have insurance. And if you are on prescription drugs, heaven help you, the prices are rising faster than ever. Did you realize health [...]

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What is the One Thing You Need to Know?

Have you ever had the thought, “I totally know what to do to lose the weight…it’s just too hard, and I don’t want to”   We’ve all thought the at one time or another.   We don't have a lack of knowledge problem...we have a lack of application problem.   The reason being, we’ve bought in to the all-or-nothing mindset.   What if it doesn’t have to be like that?   See, to be the new you, the one who [...]

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Happy 2018! Woot-Woot!

Good Morning my friends! I am wishing you all a lovely start to your 2018. The canvas is still blank on this year. Have you spent anytime thinking about what you hope or plan to accomplish? One of my favorite ways to manifest my plans is to do what I call future focus. It’s easy, and boy oh boy does it work. Here’s what you do; Set aside 5-10 minutes each day. I like to do it as soon as [...]

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But it’s Only Water Weight

Do you ever discount your weight loss because “it’s only water weight?’ Here’s a different way to think about it, Inflammation is the same thing as water retention. Inflammation is the cause of arthritis and a myriad of health problems. Foods that are essentially poisonous (sugar, processed foods) to your system cause your body to go into protection mode, and increase inflammation in order to flush the poisons from your body. Losing the first few pounds quickly means you are [...]

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Sending You New Years Dreams Come True

At this time of year it seems natural to look ahead and dream of the things we want to do in the coming year. For years I would come to this time of year and think, “why shoot for something that probably won’t happen. Better just wait and see how it goes.” But I have spent a good deal of time and introspection this year, and the one thing I learned to be true… If I swing for the fences, [...]

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