What’s the best bet you can ever make?

Betting on yourself.

Investing in yourself, improving your mind and your body, best bet ever.

Investing in yourself can feel indulgent.

A new purse, a new pair of shoes, a mani/pedi, a trip to Vegas, a lovely bottle of cabernet feels more urgent.

They may feel better in the moment, but it’s a temporary pleasure.

Starting your children’s (grandchildren’s) college fund, sounds urgent, the future belongs to them, right?

But what difference will it make if you’re not the best person you can be, an example of what is possible, during their formative  years?

Investing in your mind has long lasting effects and just keeps getting better and better as time goes on.

Long after you’ve made the investment.

Like compounding, compounding interest for your life.

Can’t say that about even the most expensive purse or pair of shoes.

A mani/pedi lasts 4-5 weeks tops. The trip to Vegas is over in 2-4 days and only remains in your brain and in the photo app on your smart phone.

As for the college fund, it’s a wonderful idea, please do that, but invest in yourself…first.

It’s like putting on your oxygen mask on a plane, it feels counter-intuitive in the moment, but it makes the most sense.

You can’t save a life if you’re not alive to do the saving.

You can’t set a good example if you always put yourself in last place.

So bet on you.

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How to live when it’s a done thing and they never have to think about weight loss ever again.

What could you be doing if that were you?

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