Have you ever thought, “I can’t give up all sweets…I was born with a sweet tooth?”

I’ve heard that from so many clients, I thought we could chat about that for a few minutes.

You see, human beings are born with an affinity for sweet things. It’s a survival mechanism.

But the sweet things that are available now bear only the faintest resemblance to the original substance.

Vegetables and fruits have been hybridized (by humans for humans) to be bigger, sweeter, juicier, and more delicious.

Then there are the processed foods, the bulk of our diet.

Sugar is in virtually every processed food you can think of.

Sugar is highly addictive.

So yes, you may have a “sweet tooth”, but it’s because you are addicted to sugar.

Can you imagine a heroin addict who was preparing to shoot up saying,
“I can’t help myself…I was born with a heroin tooth”?


Would you ever consider you were born with a “red wine tooth” when you open up a delicious bottle of Cabernet before dinner?

When you think about it like that, it suddenly sounds kinda dumb, huh?

Giving up an addiction can be a challenge, no doubt about it, but so worth it.

Being in charge is the best. No more being bossed around by a stupid tooth.

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