You know that thing that you’ve been putting off, that thing that you think about every now and then, but then you dismiss because there…

  • Isn’t enough time
  • Isn’t enough money
  • I wouldn’t know where to start, anyway?

What if it were possible?

When we dismiss our ideas with any of these excuses we think we are being rationale. Just reporting the news. Being factual.

I love when I hear people use the excuse, “I’m just being a realist.”

And you know what is true? They’re creating the exact reality that they 100% believe.

But what if it were possible?

How differently would you approach each day?

You’d be excited. You’d be focused. Bet you’d even be in “I wonder how it’ll happen?”

If you believed 100% that your dream was possible?

The truth is, we get to decide which thoughts we want to think every day.

We can continue to think something is out of our reach, not possible at all, or we can change our thinking and start asking ourselves what if it were possible?

Because those things you think are true, factual, just reporting the news? They’re just the product of your imagination. 

Might as well believe the thoughts you would want to come true.


Realists told Steve Jobs he could never create the iPhone, or that personal computers were pure fantasy.

Realists told Thomas Edison he was crazy to think he could produce light with electricity.

Realists told Rosa Parks to go stand at the back of that crowded bus.

Don’t let the ‘realist’ in your brain steal your dreams.

Because, what if it were true that you could spend the next chapter of your life living your passion?

Living with purpose, clarity, focus and direction?

How would you approach your life?