Down deep inside, do you chafe at the idea that getting older means

you have lost that “something” that you had when you were young,

The thing that turned people’s heads and caused a surge of pride or power, or satisfaction inside?

A friend told me a story about a time she had been on vacation to somewhere hot and sunny.

She had gone down to hang out by the pool and she spotted this

“older woman” (maybe in her 70’s!)

And she was wearing a bright yellow bikini.


She recounted that sure enough this woman had wrinkles and a little excess roll around her waist.

But she also had


and swagger,

and an inner knowing

that she was still a “hot momma”.


That woman behaved as it she still was

“all that and a bag of chips”

and that is exactly how people responded to her.

She truly was

“all that and a bag of chips”.


The only thing that prevents most of us from having that



and inner “hot momma”

Is the thoughts in our head that we are getting older and should

“act our age”.


Well to hell with that.


Right here, right now,

Put your foot down.


When you are ready to rev up your engines,

Lose the weight that is standing between you and your bikini

(or whatever else makes you feel sexy and desirable),

Change the attitude in your head,


Let’s talk. I mean it.


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Let’s return you to your

Inner Hot Momma