How is it possible that we could have such a basic thing wrong?

You don’t get fat because you eat too much and/or are lazy…..

You eat too much and feel lazy when you are getting fat.

Come again??

The research goes back over 100 years, and it shows almost assuredly, that fat has it’s own metabolism, and the way or the reason you get fat has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH OVEREATING and everything to do with your genetics and hormones.

Just like children don’t grow and get bigger because they overeat…they grow and get bigger because their growth hormones are scheduled to make them grow.

Young women going through puberty don’t grow breasts, hips and curves because they overeat, they mature because of growth hormones.

Women going through middle age, stop producing estrogen at the same levels they have since puberty, (stop getting the fat reducing benefits of that hormone), and start gaining weight around their middles.

So what hormone, pray tell, is responsible for gaining excess fat, and what can be done about it?

Cut to the chase…dammit.


That’s the culprit.

It’s a whole chemical reaction that happens in your body, (which I find fascinating, but not sure I want to delve into here.) Insulin causes your body to convert calories to fat and hang onto them.

It’s been proven that the number of calories you eat or don’t eat won’t change the course of what your hormones have in store for you.

Women in impoverished parts of the world get fat while they are significantly malnourished. How unfair is that?

So it’s not how much they eat, but what they eat that has a lot more impact on their weight.

Processed flours, starchy foods and sugars that increase their insulin increase their weight.

And what do poor people eat mostly? Rice, potatoes, flour, cheap sweeteners.

What do we as a society eat mostly…rice, potatoes, flour, cheap sweeteners.

And get this…apparently when a pregnant woman has high insulin levels in her body she passes it through the umbilical cord and placenta to the unborn child, which sets the stage for obesity in the child as well.


Maybe that’s why is seems like the country as a whole is just getting bigger and bigger.

Since the 1950’s and 1960’s the whole treatment of obesity was taken out of the medical research field and given to psychology, where they convinced us that we were mentally defective in some way if we were so weak as to allow ourselves to become fat.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me quote Gary Taubes from his wonderful book Why We Get Fat; And What to Do About It,

“We don’t get fat because we overeat; we overeat because we’re getting fat”.

Let that sink in for a moment.


The metabolic activity of the fat causes our increased hunger and lethargy.

See, you’re not broken, you’re not defective, you’re not weak.

You just are fueling your body with food that is causing an insulin reaction. Or an insulin resistance reaction.

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And grab a copy of G. Taubes’ book, it’s science-y but wonderful!!!