Can it slow your metabolism to a crawl?




Let me explain.


As you know from years of being a veteran dieter,

Your ultimate goal is to have a blazing fast metabolism.


Like those skinny people you know who seem to be able to wolf down

Endless piles of food and never gain a pound.


Don’t hate on them

With a little effort you are going to be one of them.


But right now your years of dieting have left you with a sluggish, unresponsive metabolism.


As a human being with a normal body

Each time you are exposed to food,

The smell, taste, touch, etc.

Your body begins to respond in predictable ways.


Chronic dieting has taught your body that,

When you see, or smell certain foods,

Your first reaction is



“I can’t have that”

“This is bad for me”


That in turn starts the cascade of metabolic reactions in your body

That will cause your hormones to go on

Red Alert

And store every single molecule as fat.


You thought you were doing yourself a favor to build an aversion to food,

But what you are doing is telling your body to hang onto it as fat.


That’s not cool.


So here’s the thing, there are 4 main types of eating.


Fuel Eating

Joy Eating

Fog Eating

Storm Eating


If you eat fuel foods 90% of the time, and Joy foods 10% of the time,

You will lose weight.



The trick is when you eat for Joy,

you have to f-ing enjoy the heck out of it.


No guilt, regret or remorse.


Just sublime, juicy, creamy, succulent



If you do this one thing,

You will ignite your fat burning hormones

To laser hot intensity.


The more joy you can bring to the table,


The more you relax,


The faster the weight will burn away.


Fun fact,

Right after orgasm your fat burning hormones are at peak level.


If you are ready to learn more about the 4 types of eating,

Or how to change the thoughts in your head about food from

Guilt, shame, regret


Delight, Joy, and Passion

Schedule a free 30 minute mini-session with me and I will get you on your way.


I get it, it’s hard to change decades of conditioning.

Just because you know you shouldn’t be beating yourself up is not the same as being able to naturally put your new intentions to work.

Drop me a line in the comments section, I would love to help.


My mission is to free as many women as possible

From the diet, relapse, diet cycle forever.

I want you to embrace delight, joy, and passion in

A body that feels as magnificent as it looks.


If you want a result you have never had before,

You will have to use an approach that you have never used before.