Have you ever gotten started on a big goal

Or project.

Something that sounded so doable or fantastic that you

Thought for sure you could do it

And it would be amazing.


But once you got started

Your brain stepped in and started telling you

That you were crazy

And that it is a stupid idea

And you should stop at once?


Well it just happened to me

And not for the first time, either.


I signed up to participate in an athletic event that required me to swim 1.2 miles, then jump onto my bike and ride 56 miles.


Well immediately, my brain said

Under no circumstances is this a good idea.


And I started backpedaling.


Fortunately, I have a dear friend that kept encouraging me.

She had me questioning the thoughts in my head,

The ones that said for sure I would die if I got into the lake with 400 other people.

That said I wasn’t capable.


She had me noticing that fear was trying to stop me.


Once I noticed the thought loop I was able to change it.


And for the first time in my life I wasn’t paralyzed with fear

Before starting an event.


 I only finished half of the bike route.

It was aggressively hilly

And the outside temperature was significantly hotter than I am accustomed to.


I could have made it mean that I was a loser.


But I chose to be proud of myself for starting the race.

For having a good swim.

For getting on my bike and challenging myself.

For being smart enough to know enough was enough.


And the best part… I met another athlete, one who is far superior to me in every way.

And she was having a terrible day.


She was making it mean she let her team down,

That there was something wrong with her.


I go the opportunity to be her friend

And help her see how she was letting her thoughts

Make her miserable

For no good reason at all.


This is such important news.


We are all capable of picking big and scary goals.

And we will all face challenges along the way.


It is so nice to know there is someone out there to hold space for us

While we get out of our own way,

To hold our hearts with tenderness

While we examine the things we say to ourselves.


To help us realize that set-backs are just part of the journey

And they do not define us.


We are all created perfectly.


So no matter what you pick to do,

Expect it to get scary and crazy at some point.


And when it does

Hope to hell you have a friend to hold your hand and heart

And get you to the other side.