When you look in the mirror in the morning do you love the way look?

Or like millions of other middle aged women are you ashamed of what has happened to your figure, but after decades of diets, do you think to yourself, “God, I just can’t bear to go through it again”?

The deprivation, the constant state of hunger just to lose the same 20# you’ve lost before, plus the extra 5# that creeped on when you re-gained the last weight you lost. You understand the yo-yo but you want more than anything to be your ideal weight, because dammit, you looked so good in your clothes.

Maybe it’s time to look at the problem from a whole new perspective.

What if instead of counting calories, weighing and measuring, there was a entirely different way to look at the problem? One that gave you long lasting permanent result without the suffering?

Heck yes…sign me up. At least that’s what I said. And the first thing I learned was, my thoughts about my weight were entirely separate from the facts (numbers on the scale) about my weight. It began my seismic shift to this new paradigm that rocked my world. And the weight started to come off.

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Dani Bates