This Time I Mean Business

Once you’ve set your sights on improving your health, dropping a few pounds, you’re going to need a game plan. For starters, you’re going to want to know where you want to go, whether that is an ideal weight, a new blood glucose number, or some other goal post. You get to decide, but make it a concrete destination. Next, you’ll want to flesh out the vision of what it will be like to achieve that goal. The more detail [...]

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Fall is Full of New Possibilities

YOU’RE READY TO GET SERIOUS. Maybe it was the number on the scale this morning. Maybe it was your doctor telling you that you’re pre-diabetic and it’s time to get serious about your health, or diabetes in right around the corner. Maybe your knees are “shot” but the doctor says you have to lose 30 pounds before they’ll even consider surgery. I don’t know your reasons…but you do. THIS TIME IT HAS TO BE DIFFERENT. This time has to be [...]

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We’re in Real Trouble

YESTERDAY MY CO-WORKER CAME UP TO ME AND TOLD ME THE SADDEST STORY. His beautiful bright bubbly 6 year old came home from her first week of being in 1st grade, and told him, “dad…I need to lose weight”. WTF!!! Not three weeks earlier I was talking to an old friend and she told me her beautiful tall willowy nieces, age 11 and 12, said essentially the same thing, “Omg…I’ve got to lose weight!” WHAT HAVE WE DONE??! We didn't [...]

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What if it Was Possible??

Future self…what a concept. Who is your future self and how does she do life? I am totally jamming on this whole concept now. My new question for pretty much every minute of my day, “what would future Dani do?” “How does she show up?” I’ll tell you…she’s a lot more fun to hang around with than the old version of me. She’s got a spring in her step, and she’s all in for possibilities. She’s no longer looking in [...]

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Your Future Self

SO I’VE BEEN LISTENING TO THIS GREAT PODCAST CALLED "MORE MONEY" (‘CUZ LET’S FACE IT…MORE MONEY WOULD BE AWESOME, RIGHT?) It’s by this gal, Cassie Parks who I stumbled across while I was listening to another great podcast, "Not Your Average Runner" by my friend Jill Angie (ya, ya..I’m a podcast junkie). Anyway, Cassie talks about becoming your future self, which is a concept that totally applies to everything. I love the idea, and of course I want it all, [...]

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So you want to lose #20, #30, more?

How long has this been a thing for you? If you’re like most of the women I work with, these are same thoughts you have every day. You’ve been having them for years. They’ve become the soundtrack in your head. They sound something like this; Boy I really need to get serious I’ve got to lose this weight What’s the matter with me? Why can’t I get my shit together? If I could just lose #20 (or whatever) I’d be [...]

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How to Cure; “I Don’t Know”

You know what I mean, the “I don’t know” if… The time is right I can afford it If I'm smart enough It’ll work for me Are you ready….. This will only take a second…. Stop saying it!!! Furthermore, stop believing it, because “I don’t know” is a lie. You do know. What would it take for…. The time to be right?…Make a decision that it’s the perfect time. There’s no time like the present. You to be able to [...]

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I almost cried….

It started like any normal day, grab a cup of coffee, go out an sit on the front porch and check my email. Email checking usually is a series of delete, delete, delete… You know how it goes. Tons of things that you just don’t have time for. But ones from clients always catch my eye. This one was from a former client who has kept up with all of the things I taught her in my, Jumpstart to Permanent [...]

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#1 Age Defying Tip

Have you noticed the years seem to be flying by at an ever increasing speed?? There are changes happening in your body that you never truly expected to see…changes in pigmentation, crepe skin, lines on your face, thickening of your waist… You’re starting to think about your own mortality, right? The "I wonder how many years I have left?" thoughts. Pretty normal. Bet you didn’t think it would be like this when you were back in your twenties. You thought [...]

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Sometimes it’s Hard

Have you ever had this experience…you read or hear this…someone just eliminated this one thing from their diet and 20# just melted away? Oh my god, you can’t stop yourself, you click to read more. Then you realize they gave up soda pop and you haven’t drank soda pop in decades. So your hopes of 20# melting off miraculously are dashed. Maybe it was the low carb eating plan. It sounded so promising, and more than that, it sounded doable. [...]

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