I don’t know, is a lovely whirlpool we all like to take a dip in from time to time.


It is such an easy escape.


Starts like this; you have something that you feel obligated to do,

Start a weight loss regime. Buy a birthday present for a friend. Plan a trip to a far-away place. Find a new job.


You start to think about it, then you come up against the wall of
I don’t know” what to do, how to start, what they like……


Then it feels okay to give up.

Because, hey you’re only human, right?


You can’t be expected to know everything.


How would it be different for you, if instead of “I don’t know” You tried on,

Hmm, if I did know, I wonder what I would do?


Feels completely different.


I don’t know” feels stuck, and depressing and defeated.

If I did know, I wonder what I would do?” feels lighter, more full of possibilities, open-ended.


Crazy, right?


Change a couple words in the thoughts you are thinking,
And completely change the outcome.


Here is my gift to you today, Hope. Possibilities.


If you did know, what would you do?


Have a wonderful week my friends.


My name is Dani Bates and I am a Certified Weight Loss/Life Coach.

I work with women who aren’t ready to sit back and let life happen to them.

Women who are ready to make meaningful change,
Women who realize there is no magic pill or one-size-fits all solution,
Women who aren’t afraid to admit they need help.

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