We all have billions of beliefs.

Some are simple surface beliefs that we adopt momentarily in response to current events or whatever is going on in our life at the moment.

Some are learned somewhere along the line, from school, friends, persons of influence, etc. and are held onto because at the time they were adopted they felt true.

And some are so deep inside us they would be categorized as deep seated beliefs. These are the foundation of who we are and how we show up. Most of these are wired into our internal computer before the age of 5. They constitute our “operating system” to use the language of the computer.

As our life is happening in real time, these are the pre-sets that determine how we experience the world and indeed what we notice about the world.

Because the truth is our brilliant brains can compute vastly more data than we humans can possibly experience, so our brains filter in and out things that it has a reference point for. And those reference points are beliefs.

If you believe a thing to be true, your brain will sort for evidence to prove over and over again, that it is definitely true.

For example, if you are hard wired to believe that women in your family are destined to carry extra weight, you will sort for all the evidence that this is true, and viola, you will prove it true by carrying extra weight yourself and finding it impossible to get rid of. Even if are occasional exceptions to the rule, you will discount them as outliers.

On the other hand, if you truly believe it possible to be in the same family and not carry extra weight, your brain will sort for the evidence of those women who were not carrying extra weight, to prove that it is possible. And viola, you will easily maintain the slimmer version of yourself.

In my family, my mother’s side of the family were generally obese. My father’s side of the family were all quite slim. From the beginning of my memory, I was always told how much I resembled my mother. And I was always told how I would spend my entire life “battling my weight”. Of course I believed it. They were adults and they knew what they were talking about. So, by age 13 or so I began to “battle my weight”.

But the strangest thing began to occur to me in my thirties, I noticed I also bore a strong resemblance to my father’s side of the family. It took effort but I started challenging the belief I held, the one where I would always battle my weight, and began wondering if the alternate truth, that I was destined to be slim, could possibly be true.

I can honestly tell you, it has taken work, and the ability to notice thoughts as they arise. Then to challenge those thoughts. And replace them with thoughts that create the feelings I desire, like pride, and delight, and contentment.

But the effort is paying off.

So if the day arrives for you. The day you are ready to entertain the thought that your deep seated beliefs are not getting you the results you desire, and you are ready for a change, please reach out. I would love to help, or connect you with resources that can start you on your journey.

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