I’ve just returned from a 4 day visit to my daughter.

A very special visit.

We were picking out her wedding dress.

She invited 3 other friends and family to come along and we spent 2 days looking at a lot of dresses.

She was gorgeous.

That’s actually a fact, not just my opinion.

She’s been eating healthy and exercising for months, and it shows.

It was so funny to hear the other young women her age talking about things they did or things they heard about to do, to look fantastic on their wedding day.

One young woman was told; “If you want to lose the last 5# before your wedding, lick a raw chicken 7 days before the event.”

Worst advice ever!

Don’t do this!!

The wedding diet is really a thing. I had bumped into another woman (in her 30’s) just the day before I headed to California, and she was on the “wedding diet” too.

A crazy starvation diet, combined with excess exercise in an attempt to undo a lifetime of bad habits.

Not a winning strategy.

She was going to starve herself, and hopefully lose a chunk of weight before her wedding.

The bad part was starting on her wedding day she’d finally have permission to eat again, and she’s probably going to be very hungry.

After being deprived for so long before the big event, she’s likely to eat all the things she’s been denying herself, and start to gain the weight back before the party is over.

Once she’s ‘off the rails’ she won’t get back to the starvation and deprivation after the big day. It never happens.

Chances are better than average that she’ll not only regain the weight she tried so hard to lose, she’ll also gain a few more.

Not exactly how she wants to start her married life.

Choices are funny things.

The things you choose to do today can have such profound impact on the way things will be for you in the future.

Don’t lick a raw chicken, and don’t expect to undo 30 years of over-eating and junk food in 3 months.

If you want to get started on a path that improves your health as well as helps you shed excess weight, I’d love to help.

No starvation. No deprivation. No raw chicken.

Click HERE and schedule a time to chat. 30 minutes to figure out a great way for you to get started.

Common sense strategies that really work,  for the long run.