How many times have you caught yourself thinking

“I feel so fat”?

If you are anything like me,
The answer is
About a Gazillion Times.
Sprinkled liberally throughout your waking hours.
In fact, it was such a natural thought that I didn’t think about thinking it.
It was more like oxygen.
Just a fact.
A part of my very essence.

When it was pointed out to me that Fat is not an emotion

I was rendered speechless.
Duh, of course it is not a Feeling.
Then what is it?

It’s a belief!

Now I have something to work with.

Because beliefs have beginnings.

They are thoughts in our heads in response to a circumstance. 

They can be things we were taught when we were very young,
or things that we adopted along our journey of life.
In my case, my original thought was,
“I have always been the fat one in our family”
“I will always have to struggle with my weight”
I would rather think,
“I am perfect just the way I am, and I love that about me”
not quite believable.
How about
“I am a woman and I have a body”
believable, and it feels neutral.
That’s a step forward.

Now, whenever I catch myself starting to have the thought

“I feel fat”

I catch myself, stop that first thought and change it to,
“I am a woman and I have a body”.
When that becomes my default thought,
I will ramp it all the way up to
“I am perfect just the way I am and I love that about me”
And If I require another bridge thought before I get all the way to my goal thought,so be it.
The thing is I am moving towards the goal
versus chaffing myself with negative thoughts.

That is the beauty of having The Model

Any time I notice a crappy thought that feels rotten
I can dissemble it and start working on a better thought
and a better outcome.
The truth is, when you can truly love and honor yourself,
exactly the way you are this very moment,
the weight will be released,
because it will no longer be necessary
to act as proof of all your 
old beliefs.
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