Have you ever wanted something

Really badly?

But it was priced too high,

You thought you couldn’t afford it,

And you wished you could just have it for free?


You were convinced that if it were free

You would value it as much as if it cost a whole lot?


Here’s the thing…You wouldn’t.


I know.


For the nearly 18 years I was in private practice as a physical therapist I offered free advice or help to people I was sure

Could not afford to pay me what I charged.


The number of people who valued what I was giving away for free,




When I started my coaching business, I offered free coaching packages to everyone I knew,

Plus, everyone on Facebook.


I can tell you the phone lines lit up.

Lots of people agreed that they would be the one who would value what I was giving away for free,

As if they had paid full price.


But the number of people who did the work and showed up until the end.



Something happens to a person mentally and emotionally

When they want something enough to pay for it.


To have some skin in the game.


If it’s a lot of skin,

And it was a big stretch and gamble that you took to get the thing,

The more you will value it

The more you will show up and do the work.


Human Nature.


Fighting human nature is like trying to control

Mother Nature.

You ain’t gonna win that battle.


So, if you desire a thing with all your heart,

Be willing to own it

By putting your own skin into the game,


‘Cause the bigger the piece, the more likely you are to be successful at whatever it was you chose.


Still…what does a little FREE SAMPLE hurt??



And go to my calendar and book a FREE SAMPLE coaching call.


It’s super fun, plus you will walk away with at least one cool new tool to get your journey started.