Are you one of the people who are wondering how you’re going to “do” the holidays?

Nervous that you’re going to “fall off the wagon” of your better eating regime, and regain all the weight that has come off ever so slowly?

Here’s the same advice I give to all of my clients….

Have a game plan before the big day.

Determine what your absolute favorites are. Sort them out from the old stand-by that are just “okay”, part of the spread, but not your top favorites.

Decide ahead of time how much of everything you will have. From the hor d’oeurvres to the dessert.

Then put some of each of them on your plate, and eat them.

That’s right.

Even if it’s bread stuffing smothered in gravy.

Soft white dinner rolls dripping with butter.

Sweet potatoes with tiny marshmallows and brown sugar.

Macaroni and cheese (turns out this ranks high for lots of you).

Pecan pie.

Make sure you eat your favorites.

Enjoy every lovely mouthful.

Really savor it.

Stop the second it isn’t the most amazing thing ever.

And pay attention to how full you are getting.

If you stop when you are satisfied, full enough, but way before “stuffed”, you can go to bed tonight feeling like a total rock star.

A winner.

You got the both of best worlds.

You enjoyed everything that makes Thanksgiving special for you, and you finished the day without regrets.

Then wake up on Friday and get right back to your healthy eating protocol.

No punishment, no missed meals, just your normal eating.

That’s all, folks.

Not terribly complicated.

The strategy that the future you uses to handle all big events.

The future you that is at your intended weight and doesn’t worry about it any more.

Make a plan, follow it and don’t deny yourself the joys in life.

If you want help figuring out your Thanksgiving (or any) Day strategy, click HERE and let’s chat. 30 minutes on the house to simplify your life.