So you know when you wake up first thing in the morning and you have this great plan for the day…

I’m not going to snack after dinner today.
No wine tonight.
No chocolate today and I mean it!
2 meals, no snacks…period!

Then after dinner time rolls around and your brain starts telling you it is no big deal at all to have one little snack.

You deserve it.
You can start tomorrow.
It would be stupid to start now (because you have that thing later this week after dinner and you’ll be expected to have a snack there).

The same thing for the wine, the chocolate, the in-between meal snacks….

You’re brain knows you like a book.

Knows exactly which buttons to push to get you to bail out on your best intentions and go back to your crappy old habits.

Your brain likes routine, and efficiency, and it LOVES the dopamine hit it gets from the after dinner snack, the wine, the chocolate, etc., so it has a huge investment in getting you to indulge.

An urge is kind of like a toddler in the grocery store check out line asking for candy.

Starts out all nice and polite, but if it doesn’t get what it wants, it ramps up the agitation, until it’s having a full blown temper tantrum.

The thing is, if you give in to the toddler (or the urge) you teach it that you’re going to cave in and the next time it starts up.

You also teach it the most effective button to push.

No messing around with the warm up act. Let’s go straight for hot button.

If you want to teach a toddler (or the urge) that No means No you have to stick to your guns no matter how big the tantrum.

After a while the toddler (and the urge) knows there is absolutely no way you’re going to give in, so they just go through the check-out line  (entire day) with zero drama.

So if you want to be the BossLady of your urges, start teaching them that

No means No.

The first part sucks. It really does, but the reward is worth the pain.

The physical addiction will be over in 2 weeks or less, the emotional habit takes a little longer.

Invest the time…you’ll thank yourself forever that you did.