If you ask most people what they want more than anything else

They will usually say,

“I just want to be happy”

If you ask them further,

What exactly would it take to make you happy?

They usually will say something like,

“When I lose X number of pounds”

“When I get a new car”

“When I get a better job”

“When I meet the love of my life”

“When I get a million dollars”

You get the idea.

But the truth is,

It’s not achieving the goal that will make them happy.

It’s the feeling they think they will get from reaching the goal

That will make them happy.

So, ask yourself, to imagine fully and deeply

The goal you want to achieve.

Hold on, don’t blow by this step…this is the critical piece.

Once you have reached your goal:

How will you be different from how you are now?

What thoughts will you be thinking?

How will you behave?

How will your choices and decisions be different?

And most of all, how does it feel, at a cellular level?

Emotionally and physically.

Most people have not done this work,

Which is why their goal of “happiness” seems so elusive.

When the target is outside yourself,

you don’t stand a snow ball’s chance, as my dad would have said,

of reaching that target.

The Secret Sauce is the internalization of the Feelings you will get from reaching the goal.

So, all the sticky notes on the mirror won’t mean a thing

Unless you take the time to FEEL how you will feel when you reach that goal.

Start becoming the change.

Start being the person you will be when you cross that elusive finish line.

And I promise you

That finish line will arrive a whole lot sooner.

Plus, you get to be happy on the journey.

Now that wasn’t so hard.

The challenge is pick one thing,

maybe a small thing, maybe the biggest dream you can imagine,

Put it to the test.

Before you know it,

you will be reaching for the stars

Because you will already feel like you

Are in heaven.