Good Morning my friends!

I am wishing you all a lovely start to your 2018.

The canvas is still blank on this year.

Have you spent anytime thinking about what you hope or plan to accomplish?

One of my favorite ways to manifest my plans is to do what I call future focus.

It’s easy, and boy oh boy does it work. Here’s what you do;

Set aside 5-10 minutes each day. I like to do it as soon as I get up, but you can do it whenever.

Visualize having already completed your goal.

Really, really get into the feeling. If your goal is weight loss, imagine how you will feel in your skin.

How will your clothes feel? What’s it like moving through your day knowing that this is your new reality?

What are you eating now that you are your ideal healthy weight?

What new sorts of activities or things are you spending your time doing?

What do your friends say to you?

Once you have this vision fleshed out and real, how does it make you feel inside? Proud? Calm? Jacked up on joy juice?

Now for the best part…

Whenever you find yourself wavering from your goal, having a flop in the pool of sadness and despair, just STOP.

Then flash forward to your beautiful new vision of you and ask her how she coped with this. Ask her for her advice.

Because once you set your vision and have it cemented in all your senses, it’s as good as done.

Sure there will be bumps in the road, big deal, it’s road for heaven sakes.

The trick is to always look forward to get to the goal.

You’ve never been where you are going, so there is nothing in your past to guide you there.

You always have access to your future self, and believe me, she’s got some great advice to share.

It’s beautiful day out there. Start dreaming.

​​​​​​​If you need some help getting started, click HERE. We can chat and I will help you. It’s awesome.