What’s your “Hell-No!” Number?

You Know what I mean…

I hit mine on the day the scale registered #213. It had been a gradual climb to that moment, with lots of pauses and gasps along the way. But it was like a wet towel to the face when it happened.

You might be able to relate.

It begins when you start to gain a few pounds, you vow to deal with it, but before you know it you’ve gained a few more. Maybe it was “baby weight”, maybe because your job was so stressful, but somehow it seems it kept creeping up and was impossible to get rid of. A bout of dieting seems to do the trick but the weight comes back plus a few. You find yourself in a new “decade” (my phrase for a multiple of ten pounds on the scale) on the scale and you think “whoa, this has got to stop!”,

But insidiously it becomes the new norm.

And then one day you realize you would give anything to be back at the weight where you started.

But here you go, another roll of the numbers and up you go. For me the numbers started in the 150’s. it took many years, many dieting attempts, vows to exercise religiously, many days of denying myself enough to eat.

But there it was, #213. I was mortified, horrified, and ashamed of myself. But that was the number that snapped me into action.

“The Journey of a Thousand Mile begins with the First Step”

And that’s what has to happen. Instead of wasting time beating yourself up for getting into this mess, it is time to look for solutions. I don’t know about you, but it’s been my experience that I work better with encouragement instead of being yelled at or belittled. The funny thing is, the voice inside your head is probably doing more yelling, belittling and shaming than encouraging. I know mine did, at first…

Dig in and Get to Work

The solutions you have tried in the past have not worked, at least not in the long run, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. So how about going at the problem in a completely different way? It’s been said (and proved to be true) that what you believe you achieve. And the sad truth is most of us have accepted that we were meant to be fat, or that it is impossible to lose weight, and so that is what we get. How about starting right there? How about looking at the thoughts careening through your head and getting rid of all the old nasty untrue garbage, and updating your mental hard drive with some different thoughts. Like, “I am able to effortlessly maintain my ideal weight”. “I easily am able to stop eating the moment I am satisfied”, or “I can enjoy my food and still maintain my figure”, Put your own thought here. The thing is a number is just a number, it’s always going to be the thoughts in your head about the number that will either trip you up, or set you free.

When you are ready for a little freedom

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Dani Bates