Just when you finally started getting in the groove to get your groove back

The calendar rolled and the holidays are looming ahead.


Now what are you supposed to do?


Give up all hope of fitting into a slinky new outfit for

New Years

And wait for January to get started?

Hell No!


Imagine how just being 20# lighter would make you feel.

Turning sideways to see your profile in the mirror.

Checking out your butt.

Noticing how much more defined your face is looking.


Yes, ma’am, that’s you in the reflection.

Ooo, and that is pride swelling in your chest.


So when January rolls around you are already well on your way to slinking into spring.

Visions of spring dresses will be dancing in your head

(or shorts, or sleeveless blouses, or whatever).


No more trying to get inspired when the long dark days of January are on you

like a heavy overcoat.


Besides, let’s face it,

if you have ever showed up at the pool, or the gym, or Weight Watchers

within the first two weeks of January,

it is a flipping madhouse.


By January 15th all the new members have faded away like that

New Year’s glow,

and it’s back to business For those of us already on the track.

What would you give to be the woman who was already well on her way when January 1, 2018 showed up?



I see you raising your hands,


But this isn’t for the fair-weather women.


This isn’t a challenge lightly undertaken.


This is for the women who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get a little messy,

And never take NO for an answer.


This is for the women who are ready to take a long view,

And keep on going when the going gets rough.


No lie here, the going will definitely get rough.

If it was easy,

You would have already done it.



If you want your future to be different than your past,

(Including all the times you tried and failed,)

You must do things differently than you ever have before.


This is not a journey with a fixed finish line that you hit in 6 weeks,

then resume living the exact life you did before you started.


This is you changing the way you think about food,

And celebrations, holidays, and everything else.

This is an investment you make in you that

Keeps on giving for a lifetime.


Sure, you can have turkey and dressing and pie at Thanksgiving.

But let this year be the year you do it consciously,


For all the right reasons.


Get all the joy you want

Some of it even from pie if you choose.


But wake up on Black Friday and be filled with the


That comes with honoring your commitments to yourself.


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