You know what I mean, the “I don’t know” if…

  • The time is right
  • I can afford it
  • If I’m smart enough
  • It’ll work for me

Are you ready…..

This will only take a second….

Stop saying it!!!

Furthermore, stop believing it, because “I don’t know” is a lie.

You do know.

What would it take for….

  • The time to be right?…Make a decision that it’s the perfect time. There’s no time like the present.
  • You to be able to afford it? Believing in the value of what you want and getting those results are worth whatever it costs.
  • You to be smart enough? C’mon…did you learn to speak English? Drive a car? Figure out how to walk?? Give yourself credit for the brains you were born with…all of those are big deals, plus thousands of other things I don’t even know about you.
  • It to work for you? If you’re invested and determined, I’m pretty sure you could make anything work for you. It might not look like it does for everyone else, but hey, you’re unique and your solution will be unique, too.

Give your brain a great question to search for the answer to.

“I don’t know” is a dead end.

A better question might go something like this;

“I wonder what would __________?

“I wonder how I could_______?”


Give your brain great things to do and figure out for you.

Listen your brain doesn’t judge your thoughts or questions, it’s always working for you.

Ask it better questions…the one’s you really want the answers for.