So how did your week of body gratitude go?

Don’t tell me you didn’t do it, or that you’re going to wait until you drop the weight to be grateful.

‘Cuz here’s the thing, you can’t hate on your body until one day when you  magically arrive at your ideal weight to suddenly start loving yourself.

It doesn’t work that way. Not ever. Never.

You think I just don’t know you, and that you’re a special unicorn and that you’re totally going to love yourself when you get to goal weight.


It’s never worked in the history of the world. Wanna know why?

Because you’ve trained your brain to seek out flaws.

You’ve become a master of the critical eye.

The nit-picking doesn’t stop when the scale hits a specific number,  because it’s a habit.

I can’t tell you how many women with “perfect” bodies spend their time nit-picking and criticizing themselves.

Figures most women would kill to have (not literally…, but you know what I mean). Those women find a spot of cellulite on the back of a thigh, up by their perfect ass, and beat themselves up for it.

Think I’m kidding? Ask anyone who’s worked backstage at a Paris Fashion Week show.

Those tall, ultra-thin, perfect figured beauties trash talk themselves something fierce.

Do you think being critical helps you “stick to your plan”?

You’re kidding yourself.

There’s a reason we have the expression “you catch more flies with honey”. It’s because we respond better to praise than criticism.

Ever watch a coach yelling at your kid when they were playing sports? I remember thinking, “girls respond better to praise” when the coach was yelling and all the girls on the basketball team were trying not to cry.

It’s not any different when you’re an adult. Or when you’re the coach inside your own head beating yourself up.

Instead, tell yourself what you did right. Be the coach you wish your daughter had. Point out how where you succeeded.

Get into the habit of finding the positive things you’ve done.

That’s how you build a strong relationship with yourself, and love yourself.

Start with the way you imagine talking to yourself and treating yourself when you get to your ideal weight, whatever that is.

Be complimentary. Be proud. Be consistent. Be kind.

And don’t be surprised when you find yourself transformed into exactly who you imagined you could be.

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