It started like any normal day, grab a cup of coffee, go out an sit on the front porch and check my email.

Email checking usually is a series of delete, delete, delete…

You know how it goes. Tons of things that you just don’t have time for.

But ones from clients always catch my eye.

This one was from a former client who has kept up with all of the things I taught her in my, Jumpstart to Permanent Weight Loss program.

She checks in with me periodically to tell me how she’s doing because she is so darned pleased with herself.

And on this particular morning she told me in (what felt like) joyful breathless words…

I’m down over 20 pounds!!

This is a woman who is barely 5’ tall, and is old enough to be a grandma. And she’s healing up from a recent surgery that has put all of her healthy exercise habits on hold.

She was pretty skeptical when she started, but was up for a challenge.

(Honestly, I think she was just trying to be nice to me when she signed up, to support me in my business.)

But she’s been blown away by her results, stating, “I haven’t seen these numbers in decades” and she never thought she would see them again.

No it wasn’t fast. She’s been working at it and making adjustments for a few months.

But she is over the moon about dropping the weight.

She has more energy, she’s sleeping better, she’s buying new cute clothes, and she said the words that made my heart swell 3 sizes…

“I’m a whole new person”

She learned things that she’s applying in many areas of her life.

So not only did she lose the weight (and continues on for her final 8 pounds), but she’s more optimistic and filled with joy. Ready to tackle more “impossible” goals.

She’s for sure going to turn some heads when she attends her 50th class reunion this fall.

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