You know that voice in your head that sounds like it’s pleading….”just tell me what to eat and I promise this time I’ll stick to it.”

You stepped on the scale this morning, or tried to squeeze into your pants, and the alarm bells started going off.

This time it’s serious. You never thought it would come to this, but this is so awful that you’ll do whatever it takes.

Sound familiar?

Feel familiar?

Truth is, you’ve probably been here before. More than once.

You found a plan that sounded doable, you purged your kitchen of forbidden food, you went to the grocery with a list of your new eating plan and you filled your basket.

But somewhere around 4 pm the little voice in your head convinced you that;

      • One bite won’t hurt
      • Your blood sugar is getting dangerously low
      • If you don’t eat something soon you’re going to die

Before you knew it, you were flinging open cupboards, scrounging in the cookie jar, checking your pantry… desperate for something to ease the pain.

Truth is, if knowing what to eat were the solution, you’d have been at your ideal weight a long time ago.

The fact is, the voice in your head is the biggest reason you are still struggling with your weight.

Which is why when you work with me as your coach we spend the vast majority of our time dealing with the thoughts in your head.

Of course we come up with the perfect eating plan for you, the foods, the timing, and we can even strategize exercise if that’s what you want (I’m a bit of a pro, if I say so myself).

But the reason the women I work with are so successful in losing the weight for the last time, is that they realize it’s so much more than having the perfect eating protocol.

They’re no longer hostage to their urges, or the voice in their head that pleads with them to “eat the cookie!”

In fact, the big bowl of halloween candy on the counter at work isn’t tempting them at all.

What would it be like for you, heading into this holiday season of sweets and over consumption, to feel in control and to actually be losing weight?

Want to find out?

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