Indecision is one of our favorite tricks to stay stuck. It helps us avoid the pain of “being wrong”.

It keeps us safe and out of unfamiliar territory.

Do you realize, as girls most of us were raised to seek perfection?

It’s true. We usually got praise when we did things right.

The boys got socialized to take risks.

Is it any wonder as adults women are most likely not to apply for a job unless they possess 90-100% of the required skills?

While men routinely apply when they possess only 60% of the required skills. They just take a risk and go for it.

Which brings me back to indecision….

Say you’ve come to a place in your life where you know for certain that it’s time to start addressing your weight and your health….

You find a program that feels like a great fit, but the commitment, or the price, or simply the idea of changing your tried untrue habits feels daunting.

So you decide to “do your research”, i.e. stay stuck in indecision.

It sounds so grown-up after all…”I am doing my due diligence and exploring my options.”

Here’s the thing, it’s just another thing to add to your already full pile of things to do.

It weighs you down.

What if instead of getting that old familiar dopamine hit from defaulting to indecision, you made a clear choice?

Yes or No. Go or Stay. There is not wrong choice, it’s simply a choice.

The payoff?


The weight is lifted.


A common trait of successful people is they make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly.

They don’t burden themselves with the excess baggage of indecision.


So much freedom in this practice. So much lightness.


And that’s a whole lot nicer version of Perfection than staying mired in indecision.

What have you been stewing on that could be resolved with a clear decision?


Start by deciding.


Just do it. Yes or No. Both are great decisions. Perfect either way.


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It might be easier and more fun than you’ve ever imagined.

Plus, you just might impress the heck out of yourself.


I’m Dani Bates, a weight loss coach who works with smart, capable women who get shit done, but still battle with their weight.

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