The Day Doubt Came to Call

It all started out so innocently.

I was sitting down to start my morning meditation, a practice I am developing to aid my body to to rid itself of unwanted cortisol and to facilitate Weight Loss.  And the moderator began to talk about Doubt. In my head I usually hear, “Blah, Blah, Blah” as I wait to start with my three deep breaths in and out. But today I heard Doubt. And I thought to myself, “Boy it sure would suck to be a person plagued with Doubt”

Then it hit me right between the eyes…I was that person.

Not 3 minutes before I had stepped on my scale, as I do routinely every morning as soon as I wake up. I do it just to stir up the sentences in my head, because all the scale does is show me a number. It is the thoughts in my head that supply me with the feelings I have about that number. I am practicing my own form of Zen, attempting to see the number and have no reaction. Well this morning I had experiences a series of thoughts, and they went al little something like this;

“What’s the matter with me?”

“Why isn’t this working?”

“See my body just isn’t normal”

“wah, wah, wah”

Now, I would call that a big pile of doubt.

And being a skilled coach, I decided to notice where in my body I felt Doubt. It turns out I feel it like a heavy blanket all down my front. From my head to my toes. And as I sat noticing the feeling, and breathing in to it, and allowing it, Doubt started to just fade away. If, like my old self, I had pushed against it and tried to resist it, Doubt would have pushed back and become bigger and more resistant. But by the simple act of noticing and allowing,  I had freed Doubt to simply fade away.

The best part, now I know how to recognize Doubt.

Before Doubt would happen whenever it wanted, and I was so oblivious I just let it happen. Now I can recognize the subtle feeling of the heavy blanket, and I can let it go. And when I notice the feeling I will be clued in to expect the untrue Dead End sentences in my head, which I choose to replace with more Powerful sentences like:

“I am learning exactly what does and does not work for My body”

“My body Knows what it wants”

“Everything is happening in the perfect time for me”

“What is perfect about this?”

And just like that, my body and mind relax. Now when I spend 15 minutes in a meditative brainwave, my brilliant brain will go to work coming up with solutions and beliefs that agree and prove my Powerful thoughts.

And it really is that easy.

Because sometimes it is a gift when Doubt comes to call. It’s a wake-up call to pay attention.

Notice. Become the non-judgmental Observer of your thoughts. Notice how they make you feel. Then decide if that is the feeling you were trying to create, and if it isn’t, let the feeling go. Then decide what you would have to be thinking to create the feeling you wanted to have. Then practice, practice, practice replacing your knee-jerk reaction thoughts with your new updated thoughts.

It would be my honor to help you practice this with one of your old crappy thoughts.

I offer Free 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions (one per person, please), to help you learn at least one valuable tool, or make one big change that could be the catalyst you need to get you on your own journey to better mental health.

There is absolutely no pressure and no obligation to do anything further.

It is my small contribution to the planet to make this a better place for all of us.  If however, you would like to take it further, I will be happy to share with you the benefits of having your own coach.