You know that butterflies in the stomach feeling when you step on the scale and see that number?

The one you set out months ago to achieve?

The one that seemed like an impossible goal?

It kind of took my breath away when it happened. And it felt like a miracle.

Like champagne in my chest.

And I couldn’t stop smiling….Oh my God…it finally happened!!

It all started with a commitment 9 months before it appeared. A determination to figure it out and not stop until it was complete.

There were dark days on the journey, when there was not a shred of evidence that it would work out.

But holding fast to the vision, imagining the exact feelings and sensations of what achieving my goal would feel like.

Creating a tangible, living, breathing vision of what it would be like, and reviewing it daily…

Then knuckling down and taking the steps that could be done each and every day.

That’s what it took.

I never doubted the outcome. Once I committed it was just a matter of time until I achieved my result.

When the going got especially rough, I would sit with my vision of who I would be when I achieved that result, and I asked her to share her wisdom with me…

How did you get through this?

What did you do?

The crazy thing…she knew all the answers.

My future self held my hand and showed me ways of being that I had never imagined as my old self.

How could I have?

So as I stood there grinning and bubbling, and bursting with joy…

Was I experiencing a miracle? Or just the result of a lot of hard work?

You know what? I don’t care which it is. It just feels so flipping good.

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