Serious question.

Our cave man brains were designed to do three things brilliantly;

Seek Pleasure

Avoid Pain

Be as Efficient as Possible

And boy oh boy do we have a lot of Pleasure going on.

Back in our cave man days, pleasure would have been a full belly, or sweet berries ripened in the sun, or a beehive full of honey.

In the modern Era we are surrounded by endless amounts of concentrated pleasure.

By that I mean, refined flour, refined sugars, all manner of snack foods, baked, sugared, salted, fatted deliciousness.

Our cellular structure adores these hits of yumminess and screams at us to keep the supply coming.

Here’s the problem.

We don’t have an automatic shut off switch when we have had enough.

The more we pleasure ourselves with food and drink the more we crave.

So here is where our big fat evolved brain can come to the rescue.

We get to decide what to believe and how to behave.

Sometimes it seems like we are being controlled by forces outside of ourselves, but that is not true at all.

We are being controlled by our own desires.

It is possible to grab ahold of the reins and slow the pony down.

By that I mean, you truly can rein in your own desires.

You can do that by sheer willpower and mind over matter, but let’s face it, how’s that been working for you?

A better way is to get ahold of all those crazy old thoughts rolling around in your head.

The ones that tell you that you will basically die if you don’t eat those chips, donuts, French fries, beer, wine, etc.

What would it be like to tame those crazy thoughts and become the person who simply did not Desire those false pleasures?

What liberation.

What freedom.

Then there would be time, and health, and vitality to pursue

True pleasure.