That’s right. 100% of the people I work with who lose all the weight they set out to lose,

Journal on a daily basis.


You heard me right.


But it’s so time consuming….

I don’t have time…

I know I should, I just don’t want to…

I don’t want to think about my food all the time….


Any of these sound familiar?


There are hundreds more where these came from.


But here’s the deal

Having a journal is for you.


Being able to see the patterns of what sets you off for a binge,


What times of day you are most likely to overeat,


What you were doing on that week that you felt full of energy.


Being honest with your journaling is saying you are

Committed to doing what it takes to

Finally finish your battle with your weight.


Journaling takes about 5 minutes total per day.


You say you would do anything to lose the weight.

But will you commit to journaling 5 minutes per day

If that would guarantee you would lose the weight?


No counting calories

No weighing and measuring

Just write down what you ate

What time of day

What your emotional state was

And how full you got.




There are apps out there that are super simple and easy to use.


I use RiseUp

I’ve heard good things about Evernote

Or you can grab a simple notebook

At the grocery store.


The trick is,

You especially have to write down everything the times you go off the rails.

Because those are exactly the times when you get the most info about your situation.


You didn’t get where you are today from eating perfectly.

You got here after the 4 pm snack attack,

The SuperBowl parties,

Friday night at the bar after work

The pig out at your favorite restaurant.

“It’s the weekend, I deserve a little fun”.

Pick your own excuse.


Make a commitment to yourself.


Start journaling.

And if you need a little help getting over the excuses

Give me a shout.

I love helping women get over their excuses

And discover the powerful woman hiding inside.