Say you want to learn a new language.


It is completely dissimilar from the one you speak now.


There are words that mean things you have never heard of before, and words you are used to using frequently that just don’t exist in this new language. It is just so, so different.


Now imagine you are intent on learning this whole new language within 6 months.


You travel to a place where this language is spoken and you immerse yourself in the culture. No one speaks your native tongue, so you are compelled to roll with the new language.


The craziest thing starts to happen.


New neural networks start forming your brain. You stop in using the old familiar tracts, and you start to groove in the new ones.


Then one day, as if by magic, you just “get it”.


You realize you answered a question without going to through the process of translating it back into your primary language, then formulating your response, then finally saying it out loud.


It leaves you speechless in your tracks.


Then it happens again.


And you wonder why you ever thought it was so difficult to do.


You are comfortable and confident in your new skill.


Excited perhaps, because now you can expand your linguistic repertoire even more. Heck, crossword puzzles (okay that’s for me) are now a possibility.


The exact thing happens when you make the commitment to conquering your struggle with your weight.


You immerse yourself in your new protocol.


Sure, it may be uncomfortable to give up some of the habitual things you used to think, like “food is comfort”, or “life isn’t worth living without XYZ”. But you surround yourself with the new “language” by getting support from those who have gone before.


Then one day, as if by magic, you realize you are a completely different person.


Instead of doing the laborious work of noticing all your thoughts throughout the day, challenging their validity, then formulating new productive thoughts, you find yourself naturally thinking your new productive thoughts as easily as breathing.


Imagine being at work on Tuesday when the sales rep for whatever shows up with warm donuts, bagels, and coffee, and sincerely only wanting the coffee.


Imagine going to the Super Bowl party and only eating until you are satisfied and still having a great time.


Imagine the joy of getting out of the shower and noticing the slimness of your waist, and having it feel completely natural.


It’s like being a new person.


It feels fantastic, especially because you know you DID all the hard work to achieve it.


You stopped speaking your old language of “one bite won’t hurt you” or “What’s the difference, I’ll start tomorrow”, or “food is the only thing I can ever count on to be there for me”


And you started speaking the native language of your own body, “I’m satisfied now, so I can put my fork down easily”, “No I don’t care for any of that (XYZ)”, “I enjoy feeding my body nutritious delicious food”, “I have found joy in so many new things”.


You have become fluent in a new way of being.


The old way of showing up, doesn’t seem appealing at all any more.


Sure, it didn’t happen overnight, but my oh my, when it hits, it is the best feeling ever.


No more stress or resisting or hard work, it feels like flow, like silk, like freedom.


Like winning the lottery.


Like who the heck wouldn’t want this?


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