Have you ever caught yourself asking yourself this question when you looked at your rear-end in the mirror?

Me too. And it sucks.

You know you are smart, you know what to do, but somehow the scale started slipping away from you, and you never seemed to get a grip on it. How is it possible that it happened to you?

You swore when you’d gained #10 pounds you would get serious and deal with it.

Then it was #15, then #20…. Then even more.

How the heck did this even happen??

The years started racing by in a blur, and here you are standing in a closet of nice clothes, with nothing to wear. You go to the shops with a friend to try on outfits, and nothing feels fantastic. So, you settle for something that hides the “situations”, but you end up wondering if the clothes make you “look fat?”

And you vow to make this the last holiday season you are ever face with this dilemma.

I can’t tell you how many times this happened to me.

Each time I swore I was going to double down and “get ‘er done”, lose the weight and not ever have to deal with it again.

And every time, there were beers out with the girls, or an afternoon party at a friend’s house, or a shitty day at work….(time for my tried and tested cure…red wine and potato chips….it always feels better while I am doing it, but ends up leaving me feeling worse than the day at work.)

A million excuses.

A million episodes of getting good at quitting.

Until one day when you just cannot tolerate one more second of mediocrity.

You realize there is no “one-size-fits –all” solution out there, but you are determined to do something.

• You are ready for a solution that is tailor made for you.
• One that fits your lifestyle and your preferences.
• One that takes in to account how busy you are.

What if there was a sensible way to get to the place where you felt great in your clothes?

One that didn’t involve counting calories or weighing and measuring portions?

One that didn’t involve hours of exercise every day?

I Want That

My first question would be, “where do I sign up?”

My second would be, “Is this too good to be true?”

But I would be super curious.

If you are curious, why not jump on a FREE 30-minute discovery call with me and see what the heck I am talking about.


You see, I lost #40, and have kept it off.

Parties are still fun, I still go out with my girlfriends, I still drink red wine and beer, and life has never been better.

Plus, I can wear all the clothes in my closet…except the ones that are too baggy.


How about making this be the last time you ever ask anyone,

“Does this make my ass look fat?”

I Want That


Looking forward to helping you make 2018 the best year ever.
My name is Dani Bates and I am a Certified Weight Loss/Life Coach.

I work with women who are waking up and claiming their lives back.

Women who are ready to make meaningful change,
women who realize there is no magic pill or one-size-fits all solution,
Women who aren’t afraid to admit they need help.

Click here if you’re ready to get your va-va-voom back.

Is that you?