To become a person who no longer has an ongoing battle with your weight

You will fundamentally have to be a different person than the one you are today.


Stay with me.


The person you are today is one who (I’m going out on a very big limb here) believes:

Losing weight is hard,

It’s all about calories in and calories out.

You must work out like a fiend to have success.


Losing weight is harder the older you get.


What if I could prove to you that NONE of those statements are true?


Sure, it sounds tempting to believe I am right,

But here comes the hard part….

Changing your beliefs.


If it were only as simple as changing the floppy discs in the old computers we used to use.

Pull out old belief, insert new belief.




But it’s not like that in the real world.

You see your mind and your body are invested in keeping things simple.

They are invested in hanging on to the old beliefs…

It’s easier that way


And there is a past to rely on to verify the beliefs.


To be able to become the person that has a new set of beliefs

You are required to step over the gap of disbelief.


That is where your brain and body will put up a terrific fight.


Once you step off the old platform and you are dangling over the gap

Your brain and body will scream, and fight to get you to turn around.


But if you are willing to feel the discomfort of the unknown

For just a little while

You will be rewarded with the gift of having an entirely different outlook


Once you step onto the train of new beliefs.

Things that seemed so hard and scary will seem like a distant memory.


In fact, you may have a hard time recalling them at all

Because you are different as well.


Your future self is waiting to welcome you aboard.


The trick is when you are crossing the gap from the old belief to the new belief

You must keep focused on the future self you want to become.


Resist the temptation to look back.

You know what that is like,

It’s the thing you want desperately to change.


Being able to envision the future you want

In technicolor detail

Will help you weather the discomfort of the gap.


So, keep your head up, set off at a brisk pace, and

Mind the Gap.