Have you ever had this thought while standing in your closet, surrounded by beautiful clothes that you wore when you were 20, 30, or 40# lighter??


Me too.


Of course, you saved your most favorite outfits even as they got too tight to button or zip up, so did I. “I’ll lose this weight soon enough” was the rationale.


Except it didn’t work.


I even bought a couple of things that were too tight to wear when I bought them, thinking, “This is exactly the motivation I need to lose the weight”.


After a couple years they got donated to the needy with the tags still on.


It’s not that we don’t know what to do, it’s not that we don’t have self-control or will –power (we’ve got it in spades), it’s not that we are defective in any way.


We are absolutely normal human beings, with desires and tastes and habits born of decades of doing life.


And as long as we keep repeating the same habits, giving in to the same desires and tastes, as we have in our pasts, we will keep repeating the outcomes in our future.


Maybe it’s time for a good old fashioned closet cleaning.


Time to stop wishing, time to  to repeat our pasts, and time to bring into clarity exactly what we want our future to look like, feel like, move like.

To envision a future that will include new clothes that better reflect our new-found confidence and pride in ourselves.


The proven way to get to that new beautiful future is to start making the small meaningful steps that need to happen to bring your vision to fruition.


It’s tempting to dive head first into a radical self-improvement project, the damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead, American gusto type of approach.


But how many times has that approach paid dividends for you in the past?? Hmm?? Not many I’m guessing, ‘cuz we are still here having the same conversation.


How about this time you pick one small step that you can commit to for the long-haul. I mean forever. Can you decide to skip snacking? Or skip having seconds? Can you give up the third glass of wine?


One woman I know made her first step simply to eat her evening ice cream out of a bowl instead of the half gallon container. She still ate as much, but she started with a bowl. She made one small step. Then another. Then another. Only things she could promise herself to stick to for the long run. In the end those baby steps turned into an entirely new life for her. She lost 100# and has kept it off for 15 years.


That is what I suggest for you.


Don’t try to win the war during the first skirmish. For this to be a successful mission, the final time you go to battle with your body, do it out of love. Do it from a place of compassion and wisdom.


If you know a 5 pm glass of wine is your reward for getting through the day, maybe just agree to take one day off a week.


Once you build a habit of honoring your promises to yourself, you can expand your repertoire of promises.

Success is easier to build a foundation of repeated successes than on repeated failures.

Before you know it, you’ll be making headway on your way to having your exterior match the picture you have in your head. And isn’t that the point of the mission anyway?


If you knew without a shadow of a doubt that one year from now, you would be at your ideal body weight, would you commit to making little changes to your lifestyle?


Would you care that it took a year instead of 12 weeks?


Me neither.


Because the best part about making the little changes over time is you start feeling better inside and building confidence in yourself.


And next Thanksgiving holiday you will be wearing the cutest outfit ever.


If you would like some help strategizing your first steps, CLICK HERE. Let’s spend 30 minutes, for FREE of course, getting you started on your way to looking great in your clothes.