Do you ever have moments when you wish there was some great instruction manual

That you could turn to and find the answers to your problems??


Me too!!


Just the other day I was sinking into the pit of

Wah, wah, wah!


Well I know from all my work that the feelings I was having were coming from my thoughts

But Holy Hell Hannah I was swirling down the drain.


But you know what?

I could call my coach and get a grip on myself.


That’s right. I have a coach, too.


I believe so strongly in the power of coaching that I can’t imagine

A world where I didn’t have a coach.


I say that happiness is an important value in my world

So, I put my money where my mouth is and invest in my own mental health.


Delivers better returns than the stock market!


And the secret that I keep coming back to is;

There is no manual.


Every day is what I make of it.


My thoughts matter.


Becoming aware of my thoughts,

Was the gift.


Managing my thoughts

takes work.


Glad I have a coach who can keep reminding me.