So along comes the newest diet trend.

And as it gains momentum and followers, the kind people at the National Pork Council are probably doing a happy dance.

But the Idaho potato farmers are hanging their collective heads, wondering how they will weather this diet storm.

Bookshelves and scientific literature are suddenly bursting with all the newest data.

The newest inspiration.

How it is not about calories anymore, but all about the type of calorie.

There is talk of thermogenics, or how the heat of the calorie consumed effects your system.

There is an abundance of information about how the carbohydrate calorie increases the inflammation in all the cells of your body. Increasing your risk of arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s to name a few.

Until recently it was gluten that was the villain.

And before that it was fat.

And once it was sugar, and dairy, and you get what I mean.

I call it the Diet Trend Du Jour.

So, who do you believe?? And what are you to do?

This is the place where most people, having spent a week or two trying the newest thing, and finding it quite unpalatable, throw up their hands and quit.

They figure the whole thing is too complicated and if the brainiacs can’t make up their minds, they might as well eat those Cheetos they have been craving for the past two weeks, while eating nothing but meat, cheese, and eggs.

Here is my suggestion.

Eat real food (versus processed food) most of the time.

Eat things that bring you Joy…no matter if they are processed, full of sugar, cheese, or deep fat fried, 10% of the time.

Stop when you are full.

Start listening to your own body. It absolutely knows what is best for it.

Ok, if it is addicted to sugar or processed food you may need a period of detox before you can get a reliable reading, but other than that, take the newest diet du jour with a healthy grain of salt.

If what you want more than anything else is the svelte you that is hiding under a fluffy blanket of excess, stop looking outside yourself for answers.

Because, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you already have the answers you need. They’re hiding right inside you.

Ta da da-da.

It’s that simple.

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