Have you ever said,

“I would do whatever it takes to _______”


I know I have.


I caught myself just yesterday, in the midst of one of those little lies.


It started out so well intentioned.

I have a goal of keeping all the natural teeth in my head.

“until the ship goes down”.


And I was planning on instituting a new practice to that end.


It all started out splendidly.

I followed through for about 5 weeks….

Then I just faded away on my new good practice.


I had so many great excuses;


It takes too much time

I am too tired

I do enough already

I will just miss this one time.


And just like that, it was over.


The vow I had made to myself,

That I would do whatever it takes.


Have you ever experienced something like this?


The vow to lose the excess weight,


The vow to become a better person.


The I will do whatever it takes passion that you begin a journey with starts running out

long before the end of the road.


And that is okay,

If you know it’s coming

And you have plans to avoid the pitfall.


Have a set of 3 contingency plans.


Have your own back.


What will you do when your passion for your goals

Fades away?

When the going gets rough

And the excuses are coming fast and furious?


I recommend journaling.


Write down with pen and paper;

*What you want,

* Why you want it.

* What will be different when you achieve your goal

* What you are willing to sacrifice to achieve your goal

* What you will do when you want to call it quits.

*What will you have to stop believing in order for you to achieve your goal?


30 minutes of genuine reflection to achieve a goal that means the world to you.


If you need some help getting started I would love to be of assistance.


I am a Certified Weight Loss/Life Coach

Who is passionate about helping smart, successful, women

Conquer their final frontier…


Winning their battle with their weight



And I am not talking about the number on the scale,

I am talking about the entire drama.


The shame, regret and remorse.


The number on the scale will take care of itself

when you clean up the rest of the noise.


Stop telling yourself your version of 

Pretty Little Lies.