Most women I know have probably never asked themselves this question.

And if they did they would be shocked to find how far down

The list they are.




When did that happen?


In your teens, the entire world revolved around you.

Maybe at the beginning of your twenties as well.


But then you got your first grown up job.

Maybe got married,

Had a couple of kids.


And somewhere between I do and today

You silently slipped off the radar.


Why hell, I bet even the cat (or dog) takes priority at this point.


Can you imagine not running to the rescue?

Even if it meant you had to push your own to-do list to the back burner?

Get out of your sick bed?

Stay up late into the night?

Or, get up before the butt crack of dawn to drive someone somewhere?


I am not dissing you,

I was in the exact same shoes.


Way back in the day,

I vowed never to become a

“Super Mom”

The one who took care of everyone’s needs

Before her own.


But just like everyone else I slipped into the role.

A role that our society and culture insidiously pushes us toward.


And it is just from the vantage point of my 50’s that I am

Seeing the wisdom of putting myself back at the

Top of the list.


You see, self-care is not a selfish option,

Rather it is an option that fuels you.


It enables you to give from a place of


Versus a place of



You don’t have to wait until your 50’s,

To get back onto the Priority List.


Much like putting on your own oxygen mask on first when you are on a plane before helping anyone else.

It’s the best way to truly be of service.


The next time you catch yourself

Putting your needs off while you tend to the needs of


Maybe take just a couple of seconds

And ask yourself

If putting your own needs first might now be a better option.