Let me tell you a true story.

I was working with a client and she was feeling bad, because she had

“Gone off the rails”

And had eaten an entire bag of potato chips.


Because of this, she proclaimed the chips as evil


She said she had “no ability to resist the chips.”


Not long ago, I would have agreed with her.

I was the one who proclaimed that

A particular corn chip

 “the heroin of the snack chip aisle.”


I felt powerless against their lure.


In fact, the only way I knew how to resist them was to
Never be in the presence of them.


So, I totally understood where my client was coming from.


But now I realize that chips are just things.


Neither good nor bad.

They just are.


It’s the thoughts in our heads that give them the power to

Torture us.


It’s the thought,

“chips are evil”

“Corn chips are the heroin of the snack chip aisle”

“I can never eat just one”


That get us into trouble.


Because there isn’t enough will power in the world to hold out for eternity

Against those crazy thoughts.


Eventually the urge to eat some will come when your resistance is down

And the whole bag will disappear

Followed by the inevitable

shame, regret and remorse.


How different would it be if you were genuinely the person

Who did not desire chips? Ever?


What a relief.


No more battle, because it is a non-issue.


Have you ever had a habit or thing you couldn’t resist?

But you have since changed enough that you no longer

Even consider doing it?


For me it was cigarettes.

For one friend it was a 5 o’clock cocktail.


We both switched into people who are not resisting

Those particular temptations,

But genuinely do not desire them any longer.


If it can happen with cigarettes and 5 o’clock cocktails

Is it possible that it could happen for chips?

Or any other Food that one would chose not to consume any longer?




All you have to do is change what you are thinking.


And since thoughts are optional…

(You didn’t sign a contract to never change your mind)

You can choose to have different thoughts about anything.


A belief is a bunch of thoughts that you have been repeating over and over for such a long time that you have come to think of them as truth.


Sometimes when I challenge my clients about a particular belief, they will argue that it is not a belief

It is a fact.


The thing is a fact is neutral.

Neither good nor bad.

It just is.


If you have any emotional response you are dealing with a thought about a fact.


Yogis refer to beliefs as

Line in water

Line in sand


Line in stone.


When you have a belief that is

Line in stone

That you decide is no longer serving you,

It might be helpful to have a coach to navigate the

Erosion of said stone

To arrive at the polished surface of your new



Just saying.